Today, Activision laid out some of its plans for its upcoming E3 2017 festivities, with the video game publishing titan confirming that the likes of Call of Duty: WW2 and Destiny 2 will be represented in a significant way during the event. However, one of the more exciting prospects put forth by the company involves its decision to make a special announcement regarding Crash Bandicoot at some point during E3.

According to an Activision blog post written by the company’s editorial manager Kevin Kelly, E3 attendees in the South Hall Lobby will be able to try their hands at the cartoon marsupial’s forthcoming remaster title N. Sane Trilogy, but he offered no actual hints as to what the announcement related to Crash Bandicoot could be. As a matter of fact, all that was shared to intimate the proclamation was a short request for fans to “keep [their] eyes peeled for a special Crash announcement during E3!”

Although Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy has yet to launch, there’s a chance that Activision has already decided to green light another title to follow up its release, as the developer Vicarious Visions has stated previously that a new game is possible if the aforementioned remasters sell well. With that being the case, perhaps the publisher is already pleased with the pre-order numbers that N. Sane Trilogy has garnered so far, and is ready to announce a completely fresh entry in the franchise during E3.

Of course, if another Crash Bandicoot game is in the cards, Activision may not want to start from scratch just yet. After all, the positive attention that the N. Sane Trilogy has received could be enough to warrant the release of another enhanced version of a classic title starring the character, with many fans clamoring for a Crash Team Racing remaster.

All things considered, whatever the special announcement is concerning Crash Bandicoot, it will surely be positive news regarding the franchise. Plus, with the game’s original creators at Naughty Dog giving a thumbs up of approval for Vicarious Visions’ treatment of the first three games in the series, the likelihood of the latter developer getting the go-ahead to make another title with Crash seems high.

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is set to release on June 30, 2017 for PlayStation 4.

Source: Activision