Crackdown 3 has proven to be somewhat of an enigma for longtime fans of the series. After finally getting revealed in 2014, the anticipated open world shooter essentially went back under the radar where it stayed until E3 2017. During Microsoft’s presser this year, the game was reintroduced by none other than Terry Crews, who not only showed off an explosive and over the top trailer, but also is a featured character in the game. While fans have to wait for San Diego Comic Con to see new gameplay, Design Director Clint Bundrick provided a small tease at the size of the world players will be causing chaos in.

In a recent interview, Bundrick revealed that development on Crackdown 3 has taken longer than anticipated due to how ambitious the game is. Case in point is with the city players will be exploring once the game launches. According to Bundrick, the world is twice as large as the city from the first game, not only from how long it would take for players to walk end to end, but how tall the buildings are as well. The tallest structure in the game is also twice as large as the tallest building from the first Crackdown.

With an increased focus on verticality, the team at Sumo Digital have given players additional tools to help navigate the larger city as well. To help clear large gaps, agents now have access to a double jump ability along with the airburst. Players can combine both moves to help cover massive distances in the world. The airburst is also a defensive technique that lets players to perform a midair dodge while jumping as well.

Player choice is a big focus for Crackdown 3‘s creators, as the development team simply aims to provide a wide range of tools for players to use however they see fit while playing. Part of that freedom of choice extends to the campaign, as well as Crackdown 3‘s opening of the entire city for players right from the start. This method hopefully encourages players to focus on how they want to take down the criminal underworld instead, even if that means trying to take out the final boss of the game first. Naturally, beating him at level one won’t be easy, but the developer fully expects players to attempt it anyway.

Crackdown 3 launches for Xbox One and Windows 10 PC on November 7, 2017.

Source: GameReactor