Crackdown 3 to Launch February 2019, Confirmed for E3

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The torrid release schedule for Crackdown 3 continues, as today Microsoft has once again officially shifted the open world action game's launch date. As rumored, Crackdown 3 is no longer planned for 2018. But Microsoft is a bit more firm than previously with this delay; Crackdown 3 is now officially planned to launch in February 2019 for both the PC and Xbox One.

Microsoft's Crackdown 3 announcement comes off the back of a leak on Wednesday claiming that the game had once again been delayed. It seems like Microsoft was hoping to reveal the news during E3, but the leak has forced the company to put out an official statement. Speaking to Windows Central, a Microsoft representative said the following:

"Our fans' response to the signature antics and explosive gameplay of Crackdown 3 has been incredible. To ensure we deliver the experience they deserve, Crackdown 3 will be launching in Feb 2019. We look forward to sharing more on Crackdown 3 this Sunday during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing."

As Microsoft explains, the cited reason for the delay once again appears to be ensuring the game gets the development time it needs. While development on Crackdown 3 has not been reported to be rocky, the game has clearly gone through some rough spots given that its initial release window was in 2017.

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Incidental to the confirmation of the delay, Microsoft also revealed that Crackdown 3 would still be a featured game during E3 this year. Expect at least a trailer to be shown during the Xbox E3 2018 briefing on Sunday, June 10, though whether gameplay will be shown is unclear. Also unclear is whether or not Crackdown 3 will be available to play at Microsoft's E3 off-site booth, but given it's now a 2019 game it'd be understandable if other games were prioritized.

Some discussion is being had regarding whether Crackdown 3's delay is more of a scheduling issue than a developmental issue. Microsoft clearly wants the game to succeed, given the years of development support it has been given. But if it's launched in the busy holiday season against games like Red Dead Redemption and a dozen other major releases, it'll struggle on name alone.

Not to mention Microsoft likely has its own big holiday exclusive, like perhaps Halo or Gears of War. Meanwhile, spring 2019 is much more open in comparison and has proven just as opportune a time to launch a game as the holiday season. Microsoft may be lining up 2019 as a packed comeback year for Xbox. Time will tell.

Crackdown 3 releases in February 2019 for the PC and Xbox One.

Source: Windows Central

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