In the spirit of the holidays, developer Reagent Games offers players a brief look at some concept art for Crackdown 3, including some new locales and armor.

As a small little Christmas present to fans, Crackdown 3 developer Reagent Games has offered a closer look at their upcoming open world, superhero power fantasy release. The images, while not from the finished product or even the in-development game, offer peeks at the concept art for Crackdown 3, which is set to hit some time in summer 2016.

Unfortunately, what Reagent has to offer isn’t too illuminating. The concept art pieces are mostly cropped pieces of larger images, which makes it hard to glean any details or clues towards Crackdown 3. Realistically, the images are meant to tease players more than anything else, as Reagent prepares for the upcoming 2016 marketing push.

What we do know is that Crackdown 3 will feature many of the signature design elements of past games, namely the mostly-black power suits, which protect our hero characters while they are gallivanting around the world, and the vehicles, which offer a little extra muscle during ground-based missions. We haven’t seen how drastically vehicles will impact gameplay, but wheeling around the open world sounds very enticing.

While we haven’t seen much of Crackdown 3 thus far, anticipation is high for the Xbox One exclusive. The first game was a surprise hit, delivering a superhero-esque power fantasy rarely seen in video games. As players got stronger they could run faster, jump higher, and punch harder, until the open world became their playground.

Admittedly, the second game in the franchise wasn’t as well received, dropping the ball in a number of key areas. But the hope is that this third game will be able to recapture the magic of the first, while also improving upon it.

So far, it sounds as if Reagent has the right idea, by doubling down on multiplayer play and offering destructible environments galore. However, the massive destruction Reagent will be touting during upcoming Crackdown 3 promotions is restricted to multiplayer only, meaning solo players will be out of luck in that department.

Hopefully, though, Crackdown 3 can deliver a satisfying experience without the destruction and the power fantasy. Yes, it’s fun to run around and leap as high as small skyscrapers but many open world games have aped that formula since the first game. Now, Crackdown has stiffer competition from the likes of Just Cause 3 and Saints Row, meaning the need to be original is even greater.

What are your hopes for Crackdown 3? What do you think of these concept art teases?

Crackdown 3 is slated for a summer 2016 release on Xbox One.

Source: Crackdown