Crackdown 3 Site Plans Week of 'Missions,' Teases Beta

Crackdown E3 Teaser

An odd teaser site for Microsoft's Crackdown 3 is scheduling several 'Missions' for the next few weeks, and also teases a potentially forthcoming beta.

An odd website has been discovered this week by a member of the official Crackdown 3 community, and has now popped into greater visibility. The site appears to be either an E3 teaser site for Crackdown 3, or potentially even an ARG tied to the game's E3 showing and beyond. On the website several "Missions" are scheduled, with the first planned for today, leading many to suspect that Microsoft is all set to release an announcement on the title.

Also hidden on the site is a hint that should get Crackdown fans excited in the immediacy. In the bottom right corner of the page, a line of text reads "BETA_INIT," which very much points towards the the site teasing an upcoming beta for Crackdown 3. Also highlighted next to the beta text are the seemingly random letters, "LY-98EA." Perhaps some internet detectives can discover a clue with that.

The community member that discovered the website unfortunately doesn't elaborate on their discovery. User TheAgencyBoss merely linked the website along with the title "E3 CRACKDOWN 3 TEASER? ANYBODY KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS," and other forum posters could offer no further details. As it stands, no-one in the Crackdown community knows where this teaser came from, and although it doesn't even mention Crackdown 3 by name, it can be assumed to be related from the source and the language used in the teaser. As it stands, the website is rather a mystery.

Crackdown 3 E3 Teaser - Map

What should fans make from the teaser site, then? That depends on whether the website was ever meant to be publicly available, or whether it was meant for another community, such as closed beta participants. If it's the first, and it was meant to be public, then Microsoft either should have announced something already or will be announcing something later today. It is June 10 after all, the start of the first mission. If it was never meant for the public, then today will pass by without any word from Microsoft.

Just from these initial impressions, however, this seems like something going on behind the scenes. What's written on the site, which refers to an agent pension fund and whoever it's directed towards having made a choice of some description, suggests that whatever the teaser is from is an ongoing event. Somewhere out there, someone made a choice that lead to this screen, and it was done at least a week ago. That no news has come about as a result should be telling, however - this might be a dead end.

Let's take what we can from the teaser site, whether it's implying an announcement of some kind today or not; there are ongoing Crackdown 3 shenanigans happening behind the scenes, there is potentially a beta forthcoming, and something is going on with Crackdown 3 every Friday of June, going into July. We just may never find out what.

Crackdown 3 is an Xbox One exclusive scheduled for release in 2016. Expect to hear more information during E3, or hopefully earlier.

Source: GameSpot, Crackdown 3 Forums

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