'Crackdown 2' Developers Working on New Project

Ruffian Games Developing New Title

Whenever news leaks of any well-known game developing team making a new title, it sends a buzz throughout the gaming community. The same questions are always asked: What could the new game be? Is it a sequel to a famous title? Or is it something new entirely? When will we be getting more details? Will it be worth our money? The same will most likely happen with the new title currently being developed by Ruffian Games - even though next to no information is currently available.

A job listing on the company's website is seeking an environment artist for their newest project. The project was initially described as a triple-A title for the current generation, and would be published by "one of the biggest publishers in the industry."

Shortly after the posting surfaced on various news sites, as well as Twitter, the description was changed to a more vague listing - saying that they were working on a number of projects with "some of the biggest publishers in the games industry."

Ruffian Games hasn't been in charge of many full titles. The only game that they're recognized for is Crackdown 2 - which they took over after Realtime Worlds folded last year. The team has helped out on a number of big name games, though - such as the first Crackdown, Fable 2, Grand Theft Auto 4, and Mortal Kombat, so it's not as though they aren't experienced in working with big-name developers.

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Speaking of big-name publishers, there's already been some speculation as to who Ruffian Games was referring to when they mentioned "some of" the biggest names in the industry. The more easy-to-approach companies were the most commonly believed, with names such as EA, Activision, and Ubisoft getting thrown around. But with no information given from Ruffian themselves, any names would be little more than guesswork.

While your opinion may vary on the quality of Crackdown 2, it did make plenty of money and can be seen as a good start for Ruffian. If they can get the right publisher behind them, perhaps we could see a brand-new IP make its way to the current generation of consoles. Or we could just get Crackdown 3 - though that would be a bit of a disappointment.

What do you think the new title is? Will we be seeing Crackdown 3?

Source: GamePro

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