Crackdown 2 releases tomorrow, and if you haven’t read our review of the title then you may now have something else to look forward to when you finally get your hands Ruffian’s new game. That’s right folks, it’s another Microsoft cross-game promotion and all you need to get it on the bonus is a save file of Crackdown 2 and Rare Ware’s N64 classic, Perfect Dark. No, not the original N64 game you dolt – instead you’ll just need the HD remake that is currently available via Xbox Live Arcade.

Once you boot up Perfect Dark you won’t have to do something ridiculously hard in order to unlock Agent 4, because he’s just sitting there waiting to kick some ass. Not a bad deal if you ask anyone at Game Rant, but you shouldn’t think you’re that cool when you first step online to show off the new character in Perfect Dark because odds are half of the people in your first match will all be Agent 4 as well.

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You can't see it, but Agent 4 is crying due to the lack of energy orbs to collect in Perfect Dark.

Agent 4 will only be available in the Combat Simulator (the multiplayer modes), which kind of blows because it would have been funny to play the campaign and listen to Joanna Dark’s high-pitched British accent pouring out of Agent 4’s mouth. Regardless, it’s a nice little Microsoft-induced┬ábonus that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face — well, everyone who owns Perfect Dark.

Crackdown 2 releases in North America tomorrow, so you can run around as Agent 4 then.

What do you think about Crackdown 2’s Agent 4 making an appearance in Perfect Dark? What other games would you like to see get this type of promotion?

Source: Rare Ware