One of the weirder updates to be developed by the game’s community, a new mod will see Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players putting away the guns in order to do battle as chickens instead. The mod is called Chikken, and it turns Valve’s popular shooter into a Tekken-based parody where users will compete in 1v1 combat with other chickens.

The CS:GO mod is in the early days of development at the moment, with the chickens only having access to movement, basic pecks, and the occasional burst of lazer eyes. Chikken players can sit in order to dodge their opponent’s attacks, and it looks like the birds can temporarily hover in the air too, as seen in the video by KnockingOn below.

It’s not a fully-fledged fighting game like the recently-released Tekken 7, but it’s a start and we’re looking forward to seeing where the mod’s developers take it with a little more time. For now, there are five chicken colors to choose from (though the move sets are all the same) and a basic multiplayer looks to be already in place. Granted, chicken fighting might not be the most sensible of choices when it comes to mods, but the fact that this is created in a game meant for tactical military action is pretty impressive.

In other recent Counter-Strike news, Twitch streamer MissQGemini was caught cheating the system using wall-hacks while broadcasting live to the world. As soon as she began to realize her mistake, the streamer used a series of terribly unconvincing excuses to cover her back. It’s unlikely that we’ll see the same dedication to cheating in Chikken, but there will always be players who want an unfair advantage, even when it comes to a chicken-based fighter.

We’re not sure exactly why Counter-Strike was the game of choice when it came to making a chicken fighting game, but we’re happy that the mod exists in any form. The PC modding community always seem to find a way to surprise us, and there’s little way of telling what’s going to come next.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is available now for PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360. Chikken is free to download on the Steam Workshop.