An upcoming Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map mode called Truck Wars will let players live out a Mad Max fever dream, complete with drivable cars and base building.

It’s been over three years since Counter-Strike: Global Offensive was released by Valve, and the community behind the game is still going strong. Two custom map creators named CTX and Jarro have now released a trailer for an upcoming Mad Max inspired Counter-Strike: Go game type called Truck Wars, which lets players form dusty convoys, build bases, and raise some hell across a desert-based map.

It may not have the graphical splendor that the actual Mad Max title brought to the table, but the Truck Wars mod is sure to bring a unique and entertaining match type onto the servers of Counter-Strike: Go. It’s not often a game that isn’t an official Mad Max product lets us pretend to be Imperator Furiosa as we drive out with a violent intent, and we’re excited to see how this map plays out when the creators are finished working on it.

Here’s a quick look at the Truck Wars mod itself:

In the game type, players are tasked with building simple fortifications to form up defenses in their own base, while other players assemble a convoy of vehicles to roll out, break down these fortifications, and raise havoc in enemy territory. We haven’t seen this much movement involved in Counter-Strike maps since the surf game type from the Source and 1.6 days, so it will be interesting to see how the active Counter-Strike community reacts to Truck Wars. It’s obviously not something that will be featured on the official e-sports scene, but there’s no doubt the mod will attract a fair share of users.

Thus far, the creators haven’t revealed anything about when the map will be publicly released beyond a 2016 target, but it looks like development has come a long way. With the vehicles being fully drivable, the building mode working, cool looking dust kickback effects, and vehicular manslaughter being actively encouraged, the map simply can’t come out soon enough. We wouldn’t be surprised if CTX and Jarro were cooking up more than one map for Truck Wars, either.

The core Counter-Strike experience is worth playing in itself, but the ability to actual drive vehicles (something which can’t be found in any core Counter-Strike experience) is icing on the proverbial cake. It goes without saying that active Steam gamers will eventually find me driving in a convoy down a dirt road shouting “Witness Me!” over team chat. We’ll keep you posted on when the creators are ready to release the map to the general public.

What do you think about the Counter-Strike: Go Truck Wars game type, Ranters? Would you take a stroll down Fury Road?