‘Counter-Strike’ Hitbox: Valve Will Finally Fix Major Game Issue

By | 1 year ago 

Some gamers consider Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to be one of the best multiplayer first person shooters currently available, which is pretty impressive considering the competition. However, despite its values, CS:GO does have its failings.

One of those failings is the game’s hitbox detection. In most first person shooters, when a player aims at the enemy’s head and fires, bullets go where they’re aimed and the game registers it as a hit to the head. In the online multiplayer for CS:GO, when a player shoots at another player’s head, often the game doesn’t register the hit correctly and the opposing player may get away with just a scratch, rather than a skull full of lead. This has been a consistent and pervasive problem for CS:GO players.

Finally, it seems developer Valve is ready to fix the problem. However, it took a big effort from fans to get Valve to finally acknowledge the need for a fix. Apparently, after the below video made it to the top of the Counter-Strike Subreddit, enough gamers were frustrated they started spamming every Valve email and Reddit account they could find, voicing their disappointment and requesting a change.

The developer responded to the barrage of frustration with a simple response, saying, “It’s being worked on. We don’t have an ETA.” While that may not be much, it at least shows that the problem is finally being addressed within the halls of Valve. Hopefully they aren’t just throwing an intern at the problem, but are actually working on a fix that will fully resolve the issue.

Counter-Strike Hit Box

It’s unclear from the response if Valve has already been working on the problem, or if they finally felt it was time to take a look after the cascade of emails and messages. If it’s something they’ve already been working on, hopefully the sudden influx of requests will light a fire under their feet for a fairly quick fix.

Of course, the speed by which Valve implements the fix could depend on how deep the problem is located in the game’s code. If it’s something simple, a quick update should make the problem go away. However, if it’s a vital aspect to Valve’s game engine and isn’t just a Counter-Strike issue, making a quick change may have devastating effects in other areas, which means the developer would need to take its time getting the fix right without breaking something else.

The important thing is that Valve is aware of the issues and is working on it. It will be interesting to see how this develops.

What do you think about Valve’s response to fans? Do you think the developer will make the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive change quickly? Let us know in the comments.