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The eagerly anticipated downloadable competitive shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive released this week after rigorous testing and while Game Rant’s review isn’t live just yet, we can safely say that CS:GO has proven to be a little bit buggy. Thankfully, Valve’s been quickly working to fix some of the obvious bugs and has already released the first update for the PC version of the game via Steam.

The update addresses several matchmaking issues, along with a few damage/shooting mechanics-related bugs. It does not seemingly address the commonly reported issue of players getting stuck on the team selector screen.


  • Exposed a classic dynamic crosshair style in the options that represents the weapons spread accurately.
  • Implemented first person client flinching. Now a player gets aim punched a bit when shot. The amount is based on the damage.
  • Increased amount of tagging that results from hits.


  • Fixed the scoreboard turning toggleable in the end match state.
  • Fixed not being able to bring up the pause menu without dismissing the scoreboard in the end match state.
  • Parallelized matchmaking results analysis process and reduced time game takes to perform matchmaking.
  • Improved matchmaking algorithm giving more weight to dedicated servers ping during matchmaking results analysis.


  • Removed the implicit dependency on round-limited matches so servers that want to use mp_timelimit instead can. Mp_timelimit is used only if mp_maxrounds is set to 0.
  • Exposed mp_forcecamera convar.
  • Exposed set of server hibernate convars.
  • Fixed code that was preventing mapper-placed weapons.

If you’ve yet to jump into the latest installment in the Counter-Strike family, the game is now available for Xbox Live, PSN and of course, PC over Steam. CS:GO not only sees the return of the traditional twitch-shooter e-sports formula, but it also brings with it something we at Game Rant love very much: mod support. And as such, Valve’s worked with Plague Fest to ensure the infamous zombie mod is back for CS:GO. Developers and publishers working with the community to enhance and expand games for the win!

Expect plenty of updates (and more mods) in the coming days, weeks and months.

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Source: Valve