Counter-Strike has always been a well-renowned game within the PC community, and now with the latest announcement regarding Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Valve looks to be giving PS3 players a reason to see what the fuss is about. On the PS3, players can look forward to many features that PC gamers would say are integral to the game itself. The most important, being keyboard and mouse functionality.

The PS3 gives players an option to plug in a keyboard and mouse into the console, though outside of the web browser and Unreal Tournament 3, few games really take advantage of this feature. With Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, PS3 players will be able to battle it out on even ground, receiving the same precision that PC gamers enjoy.

In addition to keyboard and mouse support, PS3 players can also look forward to an alternate control method via the PlayStation Move controller. Sony has actively tried to push the Move as a motion device that appeals to both the casual and hardcore gamer, and few titles are more hardcore than Counter-Strike. While the implementation of the Move has yet to be shown off in Counter-Strike: GO, if Valve programs it properly, players using the Move could have precision on par with keyboard/mouse users.

One feature that has become a standard for PS3 Valve games is the ability to partake in cross-platform play between the PS3 version, and the PC/Mac versions thanks to Steam. Valve’s critically acclaimed Portal 2 allowed for PS3 players to play with those playing on the PC, or against them if you decided to keep using the reflection cube to hit your partner with a laser. Microsoft however, turned down their chance to partake in such cross-platform play on the Xbox 360.

Valve head Gabe Newell recently praised Sony for having such an open network. By doing so, it allows for companies like Valve to implement online services like Steam into their games, and as mentioned earlier, allows for cross platform-play, something we at Game Rant becomes the standard. Due to Microsoft’s stricter policies in regards to Xbox Live, the Xbox 360 version will not support cross platform play for CS:GO. In addition, Xbox 360 players will only be able to use the Xbox 360 controller to play the game, and will not be able to use a mouse or keyboard. Though that’s more of a hardware restriction than an Xbox Live policy.

Valve is once again giving PS3 players an experience that is almost PC-like and it is a shame that the Xbox 360 version of Global Offensive will not be as robust as it is on other platforms.

Will you be checking out Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, or are you already fine with Counter-Strike 1.6 and/or Source?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive releases in 2012 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC. On Steam, not through Origin.

Source: Kotaku