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World of Warcraft

Welcome again to Game Rant;’s Countdown to Cataclysm, where we give you some fun ideas about what you should do before Cataclysm.

Today, I was planning on talking to you about collecting all the badges you can before Cataclysm, to take advantage of the conversion to gold and Justice points. Patch 4.0.1 has hit though and the changes have already taken place; there is no conversion advantage to you anymore because it has already been done.


Justice points are now the new currency for World of Warcraft and there is a sale on Tier 10!  If you are wanting to buy new armor, it is these points that you will use. What does this mean for you? Well, it means that you can use your points now to buy very inexpensive Tier 10 pieces, or save your points (up to 4000) to buy heroic blues in the new expansion. Right now Tier 10 pieces can be up to 1100 points, which is an exceptionally good price. Tier 10’s are priced to move, so you may want to buy now! After seeing the Cataclysm cinematic, it might be best to start considering new armor.

Also worth considering, with 7 weeks to go, do you stockpile your 4000 points or get that new piece of tier 10 you have been waiting for at the discounted pricing? That depends on whether you'll be doing a lot of raiding and dungeon runs during this time, or will you be leveling your alts until Cataclysm? If you are going to be doing a lot of runs, it might be in your best interest to invest in a full set of Tier 10, especially with the new mastery system. Don't forget the current point cap of 4000 and anything over that is a waste, because you wont earn anymore badges. With all of the changes to gems, glyphs, and the new item reforging, it is easier than ever for us to get to our classes respective hit caps, and the Tier 10 armor will help us do that. However, if you don't plan to do a lot of raiding or runs, it might just be in your best interest to hang on to the points for your heroic blue pieces.

World of Warcraft

Like with the Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King expansions, your first few quests will make you cry in your Tier 10's. Granted, it is not nearly as drastic as it has been in the past, and you may decide to keep your T-10 armor until level 85, but you may not. Personally, as I am leveling about 12 new pets (for their new raid buffs) in dungeons and raids, I went and spent my points on the last couple pieces of T-10. I had held out on it before, because it wasn’t much of an upgrade. If you have the points though, it's definitely worth a look.

It is funny, with everyone rushing around because of all the changes to 4.0.1, people are forgetting to take advantage of the old world before it is gone. You would think that the earthquakes would be a giant reminder. So I suggest that you make sure you check out our Countdown to Cataclysm series and also make sure you take a look at our What Should You Do Before Cataclysm article. A lot is changing in Azeroth and at a substantially quicker pace than anyone outside of Blizzard had anticipated. You want to make sure that you are not only prepared, but you have enjoyed the Old World before its gone.

So what are your plans for the next 7 weeks Ranters? Do you plan to farm points, or are you spending them to pimp yourself now? We want to know! Make sure you comment bellow and see what your fellow Ranters are you up to in The World of Warcraft.

World of Warcraft: Cataclysm launches December 7th, 2010 for PC and Mac.

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