Countdown To Cataclysm: 1 Week – Enjoy The Ride

World of Warcraft

It has happened: The Shattering. The World of Warcraft has been torn asunder by Deathwing’s return to Azeroth, and has changed everything forever. After 6 fun years, the developers at Blizzard have reinvented their world into a new and exciting place that players both new and old can spend years rediscovering. The Cataclysm has brought the world to its knees, causing the destruction of all of our favorite places, and characters.

If you have not had the chance to explore yet, there are brilliant new stories to discover, delivered in a series of compelling quests that are unlike anything you have ever seen before. New in-game cinematics, as well as a whole new method of quest acquisition and completion, the lore team has really outdone themselves this time. New quests take you through some history, and how the Cataclysm has impacted the factions and races. You will also learn new depths to your favorite personalities, and it will be all wrapped up in a beautiful, elegant new package.  You really should go to some of these new lowbie starting areas, and work your way through these new quests and stories. They are nothing short of outstanding.

Do not take for granted what you once knew. Whole towns are decimated. What was once Horde is now Alliance and the reverse is true as well, so watch where you run because your favorite old town might have some new enemies occupying it. Your regular means of traversing the world, boats for example, may be missing completely. Hunters have new pets to tame, there are new games to play - like Plants vs. Zombies - and new race / class combinations to learn and love. You can even pay to have your beloved Night Elf Druid turned into a Troll Druid, or just start one from scratch. The new starting experiences for all races (especially the Gnomes and Trolls) have been revamped and are incredible, and well worth the time it will take to check it out. Add to all this the fact that gathering professions now yield experience, and it's a better time then ever to start that new character.

World of Warcraft

A whole new world awaits with the expansion. There are the new Worgen and Goblin races, bringing a whole depth to the World of Warcraft with exciting new stories to be told. There is Archeology, which is set to be a fun new profession. You will be able to level to 85, with new heroics and dungeons to tackle, and then there are the new zones. Whole new areas of the world which we will get to explore. There will be new creatures, new stories, and new vistas to enjoy. It really will be a full and dynamic expansion that players will the talking about for years to come: The expansion that changed the World of Warcraft.

Have you pre ordered your copy yet? Retail CD, or Digital Download? What do you think about the Cataclysm so far? Tell us about your experiences in the comments bellow.

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