Costume Quest Trailer Takes Nostalgia to a New Level

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We first told you about Double Fine Studios’ Costume Quest not too long ago with its throwback to a Earthbound-game dressed in a Halloween theme. Now we have some footage to give you a tiny, Verne Troyer style, taste of the gameplay and the overall tone of the game.

From the trailer you can see that the RPG style of gameplay is focused around your character “morphing” into a freaking awesome version of their costumed self. My personal favorite is the robot mechwarrior, but all of the transformations look both unique and jaw-droppingly bad-ass.

Check out the trailer below:


The art style of the game makes it very clear that gamers are about to play through a Double Fine game. For me, this game almost feels like a spiritual successor to Psychonauts, playing off the idea of a child’s imagination. Where the game will need to keep players engaged is the combat. If it is strictly a RPG-style game when it comes to battling big meanies, I hope that Double Fine has done a better job of enriching the gameplay than it did with Brutal Legend’s real-time strategy style.

My favorite part about Halloween was amassing enough candy to put myself into a sugar coma for the entire month of November. Second to the candy were the costumes. I get a nostalgic feeling thinking about dressing up as a new character every year and, for one night, embodying somebody that wasn’t me. Without seeing the trailer, I was hard pressed to believe that Tim Schafer and Double Fine studios, with the help of THQ, could create an experience that captured that same magic I felt as a kid. Then I realized it was foolish to doubt Schafer because, honestly, the man is one of the great video game auteurs of our generation.

It’s unfortunate that Double Fine had to scrap plans for a Brutal Legend sequel, but knowing that after Costume Quest we have three more games on the way eases the sting. Tim Schafer and company are always pushing themselves creatively and by giving themselves a shorter development time between games, it allows for greater variety. After I completely demolish Costume Quest, I will be eagerly anticipating what is next.

Does this trailer capture your Halloween memories like it does mine? Or are you done with the cutesy stylings of Tim Schafer? Sound off in the comments below.

Costume Quest ding-dong ditches that grouchy old couple some time in Quarter 4 on both the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.

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