If there’s one complaint that most fans of developer Double Fine’s work share between each other it’s that not enough gamers are familiar with Double Fine. After delivering tremendously unique and whimsical titles like Psychonauts, the developer has moved into the downloadable space to bring even more unique games, for a lower cost and at a quicker pace.

One of the biggest successes to come out of that downloadable evolution was Costume Quest, a traditional, turn-based RPG that was set on Halloween night. Costume Quest was everything that we have come to expect from Double Fine, and then some.

Unfortunately, Costume Quest, and its subsequent DLC, Grubbins on Ice, didn’t get the attention it deserved, but hopefully that will all change, at least a tiny bit. Just announced today, and just released today, is the fact that Costume Quest, while still available on the PSN and XBLA, is now available for PC.

All gamers who are interested in Costume Quest, but were strictly PC gamers and thus unable to enjoy the game previously, need to do is pop over to Steam and pick up their digital copy for $14.99. To sweeten the deal even more, Double Fine is throwing in the Grubbins on Ice DLC as an added bonus for purchasing the game. It’s Halloween and Christmas, all in one game.

Costume Quest might not be for everyone, but there’s no doubting the creativity that’s at play. Taking the idea of Halloween nostalgia and combining it with the turn-based antiquated-ness of a Japanese RPG was such a simple concept, but one that was done to perfection. To read even more of our thoughts about the game make sure to check out our review.

But the downloadable trend for Double Fine isn’t just segregated to Costume Quest, it simply begins there. Since then, the developer has released Stacking and Trenched, two wholly unique downloadable titles — one a tower defense and one a Russian nesting doll puzzle game — that proved that this developer will never run out of ideas.

Have you been waiting for Costume Quest to make its way to the PC? Which of the new downloadable-focused Double Fine titles has been your favorite?

Costume Quest is now available for the PC, Xbox 360, and PS3.

Source: Kotaku