'Costume Quest' Continues With 'Grubbins on Ice'

Costume Quest Grubbins On Ice

Playing Costume Quest in the weeks before Halloween was a great deal of fun, due in no small part to the holiday theme of the game. Now the first DLC for Costume Quest has been announced, and though it stops short of being an all out Christmas adventure, it does move the game to a more wintery setting. Dubbed Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice, the episode should be available for download in December.

Reynold, Wren, Lucy, and Everett are all back in Grubbins on Ice, and they're bring their costumes along with them. This being an expansion, new costumes have been added to the mix. Those discovered so far include a pirate outfit, an eyeball (can't wait to see what its special attack is), and a track suit. It's unknown at this point just how many new costumes there are in Grubbins on Ice, or which of the original adventure's costumes make return appearances.

It is known that, in addition to the new content, the DLC will include some performance enhancements and new features for the original game. Players will now be able to pause the game during cutscenes, and save the game at selected phones throughout the world. Additionally, the on-screen dialog in the game has been slowed down, which is great news. As noted in our review of Costume Quest, the game's writing is often clever, and it would be a shame to miss anything just because the lines disappear too quickly.

Naturally, the kids in the game won't be trick-or-treating through Autumn Pines this time around -- Halloween is over. Instead, the story in the expansion involves Lucy falling through a portal into the the Grubbin world of Repugia, where she is held captive by Araxia, the evil leader of the Grubbins. It's up to the other children to rescue her, and to help liberate the oppressed masses of Repugnia. That they accomplish this by traveling house to house gathering candy should go without saying.

In terms of size, Grubbins on Ice is said to be larger than a single level from the original game. Given that the original game didn't take much more than five hours to complete, the length of the expansion sounds relatively modest. Hopefully, it will have a relatively modest price to match.

I had a fantastic time playing through Costume Quest, and I'm greatly looking forward to spending some more time in Double Fine's charming RPG universe. Downloadable games have the potential to be the Holiday Specials of the the gaming world -- small seasonal treats that we return to year after year -- and I would love to see more companies take advantage of that opportunity.

Are you going to play through Grubbins on Ice? What other seasonal expansions would you like to see come to Costume Quest?

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is expected to release sometime in December for Xbox 360 and PS3.

Source: Gamespot

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