Statue of Liberty Breathes Fire in 'Costume Quest' Gameplay Trailer

Costume Quest

With Halloween right around the corner it seems only fitting that we receive a game that captures the spirit of the season but gives it a larger than life twist. This game, titled Costume Quest, comes to us from the brilliant minds at Double Fine and centers around the power of a child’s imagination to transform a seemingly innocuous costume into a battle-ready mech suit, statue of liberty, ninja outfit, etc...

Costume Quest’s story revolves around either a brother or sister (dependent on which character you choose) who must rescue their sibling, all while trying to quench the once-a-year sugar craving that occurs on All Hallows Eve. As a send up of the traditional RPG genre, Costume Quest sees the harmless little children transforming into large-scale representations of the costumes they are wearing to partake in some turn-based action.

Say for example, a child is wearing a ghost costume that consists of a sheet with two holes poked in it. When that same kid enters battle, he would magically transform into a menacing specter. From there, players must select from a set of attack options in order to take down a number of enemies' hit points. Check out the game in action below:

While the combat of Costume Quest might seem a bit formulaic, knowing that the team at Double Fine is behind it ensures that there will be much to enjoy about the game. Since their work on Psychonauts, the developers have been better known for their art direction and writing rather than their innovation in gameplay mechanics. But no matter how you might feel about the trailer, still feel confident that their will be a solid game delivered.

Having recently acquired hilarious genius Ron Gilbert, Double Fine is trying to do what they do best, making clever games that are packed with humor, and are using the very viable downloadable marketplaces to do so. If Costume Quest is only the tip of the iceberg, and with three more games in development it certainly is, I can’t wait for what is next.

What are your feelings on the combat of Costume Quest? Do you like the send up of old school RPGs or does it feel a bit too simplistic to you?

Costume Quest haunts it’s way to the PSN and XBLA on October 31st.

Source: 1up

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