'Costume Quest' DLC 'Grubbins on Ice' Detailed and Dated

Grubbins on Ice DLC Costume Quest

Costume Quest was exactly the title gamers expected from Tim Schafer and the team at Double Fine. Like Psychonauts and Monkey Island before it, Costume Quest was the perfect marriage of whimsical story and setting with engaging game mechanics. The only drawback to Costume Quest was that, as a downloadable game, the experience was much shorter than a traditional title. Luckily, those gamers looking for a little more out of their Costume Quest experience will soon be given just that as Grubbins on Ice, a new DLC quest for the game, will be released later this month.

Released today as a timed exclusive for Xbox Live Arcade, Grubbins on Ice is a completely new story that takes the four main characters of Costume Quest to an entirely new world:

"Twins Wren and Reynold are back for an all-new adventure with friends Lucy and Everett, in Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice. When Lucy gets sucked through a magic portal, she is captured by Araxia, the monster leader who has overthrown the monster elders and is quickly making enemies. Players are taken to Repugia, a warped universe where monsters rule the land. In a twist of fate, the same kids who battled monsters in Costume Quest to save Halloween now find themselves aligned with their former foes to save Lucy against the evil Araxia and restore peace to Repugia."

Costume Quest Grubbins On Ice

Along with the new storyline, players can expect some new and interesting costumes with their own set of abilities. Some highlights include a pirate costume that allows the wearer to zip line from place to place and an eyeball costume that acts as its own set of binoculars. For those unfamiliar with the game, the conceit of Costume Quest revolves around small children with large imaginations and their costume's ability to manifest as a true-to-life representation. Think of a character's costume as their battle suit.

Grubbins on Ice is the perfect addition to a solid downloadable title that is poised to deliver just the right amount of new content to keep players coming back. Along with new costumes, expect eight new battle stamps and 18 new “ Creepy Treat” cards for players to collect. All in all, it's the perfect gift for the gamer who has everything.

Is Grubbins on Ice enough incentive to jump back into Costume Quest? Anything you would like to see explored in a future DLC release?

Costume Quest: Grubbins on Ice is available now for Xbox Live, and comes to PSN December 21, 2010

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