The Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire offers superb precision with high quality mechanic keys, making for a PC gaming accessory that is accurate and easy to use.

When it comes to gaming keyboards it seems like every person is looking for something different. Some want a stylish keyboard that compliments their high-end gaming rig. Some want a no-frills option that delivers a simple, clean look. Truthfully, the possibilities are endless when it comes to gaming keyboards, but Corsair hopes to sway gamers its way with the K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard.

A mechanical keyboard built to deliver accurate key presses without fail, the K70 RGB Rapidfire is Corsair’s answer to the reliability question. In our entire time using the K70, the gaming keyboard rarely mistyped or missed a key press, thanks in large part to its design.

It’s true that the RGB Rapidfire’s keys are bulky, raised up higher than the average mechanical keyboard. But, that extra height helps make the keys more accurate and easier to press. Whether you’re typing or quickly switching between WASD, the RGB Rapidfire’s keys offer comfort and accuracy.

Moreover, those who want to focus specifically on gaming can use the included textured keys for WASD and QWERTY. These slightly raised and cushioned keys will help gamers keep their fingers in the right spots and they are easier to rest on for extended play sessions.

The one downside to the K70 RGB Rapidfire’s keys is that they are not quiet; in fact, they are far from it. So, if you’re a late night gamer who needs a keyboard with a little less clickity clack, then we wouldn’t wholly recommend the K70 RGB Rapidfire. It’s especially loud when typing as well.

The trade-off, though, is that key press accuracy we mention, which the K70 RGB Rapidfire delivers across the board. As someone who tends to spend long hours at a keyboard, it was nice to have something like the K70 RGB Rapidfire.

Corsair K70 Keyboard Specs

Alongside a stellar design in terms its mechanical keys, the K70 RGB Rapidfire also boasts some fun color customization options as well. Using the Corsair Utility Engine (free software), users can customize every key on the device. They can make layouts that highlight specific areas in different colors, or there are even options that change the key colors at regular intervals.

Admittedly, this is more a style thing than it is a function of the keyboard, but the customization options are there for those who want them. We also found that the using the K70 RGB Rapidfire in conjunction with the M65 Pro gaming mouse makes for a very eye-catching PC gaming setup.

Overall, the K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard succeeds in delivering a tactilely proficient PC gaming accessory focused on ease of use. Outside of the noise, the knocks against the device are few and far between. At $170 retail, we will admit that keyboard isn’t going to be for everybody, but those who want to pay extra for quality over bells and whistles will find the K70 RGB Rapidfire is well worth the investment.

The Corsair K70 RGB Rapidfire gaming keyboard is available now for $169.99.

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