Corsair offers PC fans an excellent and inexpensive gaming mouse chock full of features with the computer peripherals and hardware company’s Harpoon RGB mouse.

As many who game primarily on personal computers would likely argue, there are few companies in the ridiculously lucrative and competitive marketplace of PC gaming peripherals as well known as Corsair. Whether it’s cases, power supplies, RAM, fans, gaming keyboards, headsets, or mice, it’s safe to say that most ardent PC gamers have owned at least one product from Corsair within the course of their lives.

Naturally, when it comes to Corsair’s or any other PC hardware firm’s products, gamers optimally want their input devices such as mice, for example, to be as versatile and comfortable as can be, contain as many features as possible, and maintain affordability with high-grade construction and quality materials. With this being the case, Corsair firmly believes it has created its latest mouse, the Harpoon RGB, to meet all of these important criteria and then some, without having to hurt PC gamers’ wallets one bit.


First of all, let’s start with the rather low price point for Corsair’s Harpoon RGB gaming mouse. At an MSRP of $29.99, PC fans aren’t necessarily breaking the bank when it comes to buying the peripheral. So, at the very least, the sturdy construction and lengthy amount of features found within the mouse should make the cost worth it, even if PC gamers ultimately decide to upgrade to a more expensive model of mouse sometime down the line, like with Corsair’s M65 PRO RGB mouse.

Admittedly, Corsair’s design of its Harpoon RGB is one of the most impressive draws to the mouse, for it promotes a healthy amount of speed, fluidity, and usability. Out of the box and in-use with its hard-wired cable fitted with a custom molded USB header, it’s remarkably lightweight, glides effortlessly across most surfaces, and feels easy to grip with each use. While some PC gamers with larger hands might consider the Harpoon RGB to be somewhat small and a little short at first, those who enjoy a fingertip and claw grip play style over a palm rest style will surely find it manageable over time, as it’s simple to get used to.


The Harpoon RGB’s large scooped design on the left gives a solid grip point for the thumb, with a hard-wearing rubber coating along both sides for better overall control. Plus, the mouse’s scroll wheel in the center whirls easily and has a tactile bump with each turn, making guiding and navigation options faster and more dependable. The Harpoon RGB’s scroll wheel also offers a soft rubber grip coating that makes it easy to control and click, with it being one of the mouse’s six programmable buttons.

As far as the Harpoon RGB’s functionality is concerned, its six buttons might seem a little limited at first with just the left click, right click, middle click, DPI switch, forward, and backward buttons. However, with each being fully customizable and programmable through Corsair’s easy-to-use CUE software, PC gamers will quickly appreciate the mouse’s versatility, especially when taking into account all of its advanced macro features as well.

In fact, the Harpoon RGB’s DPI switch may be the most useful button on the mouse for gaming, as it allows players to adjust sensitivity on the fly, while also causing the lit-up Corsair logo on the back of the peripheral to change colors. Interestingly, PC gamers can fully customize the logo’s color using the CUE software and have it represent one of five different DPI profiles with specific sensitivity settings.

Speaking of sensitivity, no matter what settings PC fans are inclined to use while gaming or working, the Harpoon RGB’s performance with its Pixart PMW3320 gaming optical sensor allows for reliable input commands and easy navigation with with its fast and responsive Omron switches. As it happens, it offers high-speed motion detection and advanced tracking that maxes out at 6000DPI, which are ideal features for fans of first-person shooters like Battlefield 1, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, or Overwatch.

Should PC fans wish to use the Harpoon RGB to game or work on any other computer like on their laptops instead of their desktops, they can rest easy knowing that any settings made on the mouse prior to being unplugged will transfer over to another platform without having to reprogram it through Corsair’s CUE software. This is due to the Harpoon RGB containing on-board memory housed within the unit for a better, more fluid experience in using it with other computers.

When it comes to drawbacks or any unforeseen additional baggage, Corsair’s Harpoon RGB gaming mouse offers little to no problems. The one true snag it hits during usage comes from the mouse’s cord occasionally jumbling up and getting in the way right out of the box, but after a brief few days of use, the cable straightens out, which goes on to make navigation and gaming not only a breeze, but also a joy.corsair-harpoon-rgb-mouse-review-front
Taking all of this into consideration, Corsair’s Harpoon RGB gaming mouse is an excellent choice for PC gamers out there looking for an inexpensive, yet impressive alternative to other peripherals of its kind. The Harpoon RGB’s light, ergonomic design allows the mouse to hold its own against other pricier gaming mice, while also offering a number of features not included on some of the more costly products competing with it in the market.

Furthermore, when bringing Corsair’s CUE software into the mix with the Harpoon RGB, the mouse becomes one of the most handy, resourceful, and all-around reliable peripherals out there. Compound that with its trustworthy performance, and Corsair has definitely given PC fans a great choice with the Harpoon RGB.

corsair-harpoon-rgb-gaming-mouse-redThere are certainly a lot of options available in regards to choices of PC mice, such as Kaliber Gaming’s Symmetre, Retikal, and Fokus peripherals. However, Corsair has arguably provided the platform with some of the most noteworthy peripherals, with the Harpoon RGB now joining the ranks of the company’s best.

So, given enough time, the Corsair Harpoon RGB could eventually be heralded among PC fans as one of their most-used pieces of gaming hardware, no matter whether or not it’s their favorite keyboard or mouse. Perhaps with the cash they will save on a new gaming mouse with the Harpoon RGB, PC gamers will be able to start putting away money to save up for a newer and flashier monitor too, such as the LG 21:9 Ultrawide 38UC99 monitor which has an incredibly steep price tag at $1499.

Corsair‘s Harpoon RGB mouse is available now for an MSRP of $29.99.

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