Corrupted Saves: Now With Multitasking

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What would be the best thing you could get from your favorite video game website? If you answered, “A new favorite weekly video game web-comic,” then hang on because Game Rant’s Corrupted Saves has exactly what you need.

Join Zac Landry and Aaron Leach every week for the same Game Rant-flavored awesome-sauce that you’ve grown accustomed to… only now with pictures!

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What's sad is that Mario was really excited when he got his MushroomPhone 4, but it's actually probably for the best. His FlowerBook friends were getting pretty annoyed with the constant "I just saved the kingdom," and "Hey I'm in a new sports game," status updates. What's really incredible is that not only have the Angry Birds taken down an entire nation of pigs with their constant swine-ocide, but it would seem that they were able to do in gaming's greatest and most legendary icon as well. Sometimes technology really is for the birds.

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