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game rant webcomic issue 013

Something less than wondrous hit the North Pole this holiday: a magical recession! Yes, not even Santa and his elves are immune to the fickle dealings of Wall Street. Elf unemployment rates were through the roof as the Claus' tasted the harsh egg nog of reality. Even the sole Elf dentist had to close up shop after most of his patients lost their insurance coverage. However, being the jolly and financially responsible father of Christmas that he is, Santa found ways to get the job done. He tightened his belt as he tightened the food budget. Rudolph's nose was switched to a more energy-efficient LED light. And, as you can see, when presents could be obtained cheaper elsewhere, "outside sources" were utilized. It may be used, but at least it's not an educational toy... yuck.

Happy Holidays from Corrupted Saves and the entire Game Rant crew!

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