Corrupted Saves: 'Mario Moves'

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We were all there when Mario hit bottom; I’ll never forget it. Peach, Luigi, Toad, King Boo, even the two big shots from Nintendo, Mr. Iwata and Mr. Miyamoto, came to try and help our plumber pal get his head back on right. But at the time, he just wasn’t hearing it. He just kept muttering on and on about true one-to-one motion tracking.

Game Rant video games webcomic issue 001 - Mario Moves

He wasn’t always like this though. When the PlayStation Move and Microsoft’s Kinect first appeared, Mario acted like he wasn’t phased by them at all. Why would he be? He was still sitting on top of a pile of money, getting to travel to the Mushroom Kingdom and take trips to space whenever the urge struck him. These other guys were just playing the copycat game, grasping at the threads of his blue overalls.

Then he finally got his white gloves on a Move, and it all went right down the green pipes. He’d invite us over just to show us how his virtual sword and shield moved almost perfectly in step with his own flails and thrusts. He started downing power-up mushrooms by the handful. He said being big made him feel better, and then went about feeding his EyePet.

Our attempts to console him made little difference. We told him that the tech was obviously going to be better because Sony had had time to use the groundwork he had laid. We tried showing him the paltry selection of launch games and ensured him that without games as good as Nintendo’s, the Move still had a long way to go. One of the nerdy Bowser kids even showed him some graphs and charts that illustrated the huge overall cost barrier the Move has compared to the Wii. That’s when he grabbed a Warp Whistle from under a couch cushion, and he spun around and took off.

When Daisy found him a few weeks later, she had something to show him. Telling him that Nintendo was on to the next big thing and that he had no reason for concern, she dropped a 3DS into his hands. When a tiny version of himself popped out of the screen and proclaimed, “It’s a me,” he finally smiled. He’s getting better, but these things take time.

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