Corrupted Saves: You Gotta Fight...

Corrupted Saves video games webcomic for Game Rant

What would be the best thing you could get from your favorite video game website? If you answered, “A new favorite weekly video game web-comic,” then hang on because Game Rant’s Corrupted Saves has exactly what you need.

Join Zac Landry and Aaron Leach every week for the same Game Rant-flavored awesome-sauce that you’ve grown accustomed to… only now with pictures!


Don't believe what you see in all the cutesy commercials. Mario and Donkey Kong running through a field together, holding hands while some cheery adult contemporary tune plays whimsically in the background. It doesn't happen. As soon as those cameras stop rolling, the fake smiles and forced pleasantries are over. These two haven't spoken in a non-business capacity for at least twenty years. Some rumors say the rift was created after the "Peach Banana" incident. Whatever happened, the feud between Donkey Kong's Country and Mario's Mushroom Kingdom will continue to escalate... one Barrel of Mass Destruction at a time.


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