Latest 'Corpse Party' Details Will Make You Sleep With A Nightlight

Corpse Party

Those who love Japanese horror will understand the premise of Corpse Party immediately. For everyone else, well, they might want to keep reading.

Corpse Party is a PSP title that's soon to be localized for a North American release. The game can be compared to movies like The Ring or The Grudge in terms of its overall premise and style. The game is part-horror, part-adventure, as the player takes the role of a group of school children and their teacher stuck in a haunted elementary school. The whole point of the game is to make it out of the school alive, or sane for that matter. As players explore the school they are able to piece together the past events that turned the building into a never-ending nightmare - if they survive of course.

One wrong turn can bring a character to his or her untimely demise, in drawn out and quite gruesome situations. One such situatation has been described in detail by XSEED's localization specialist, Tom Lipschultz.

"In one such instance, getting caught by your pursuer means being shoved into a shallow grave and slowly buried alive as you listen to one of the game’s strongest characters suffocating and retching under endless shovelfuls of dirt, begging for his life for almost five solid minutes before the last gasp of breath escapes his mouth and the “Wrong End” music plays."

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As players try to make their way throughout the school they will encounter spirits, some of which are even other children that once found themselves in a similar situation. There is no real way to fight these spirits, meaning that players will find themselves trying to talk their way out of a situation or running for their lives, and as mentioned earlier, failure can result in some really gruesome death scenes.

Corpse Party isn't going to be a game for everyone. As a downloadable PSP title being localized by XSEED, it's pretty obvious that the game will forever be known as a niche title.  But for horror lovers and Japanophiles, Corpose Party is sure to pique their interests. If you're interested in the game be sure to check out the launch trailer below:


Corpse Party currently does not have a release date, but will reach the PSP through the PSN in the near future. This means the title will also be playable on the Vita.


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