A teaser trailer for an upcoming iOS game from Re-Create Entertainment, The Corporate Race, has surfaced recently, and it’s full of more mystery than it is answers.

The Corporate Race is a adventure title set in an office building that is due to hit the app store sometime this summer. The trailer seems to add more than just adventure as it appears there are elements of puzzle, maze and mystery in a first-person view.

Not much regarding the story has been revealed, though Re-Create says that the game will have you making your way through mazes represented by a floor of the building while working your way to the top. As you make your way through the mazes, you’ll use your map to locate checkpoints and discover key items to solve various quests.

The Corporate Race iOS Trailer

Additionally, when you watch the trailer, it hints at the idea of greed and success being the driving forces to do what it takes to reach the top and get where you’re going quickly. The trailer shows the office building setting where the player travels through cubicles, hallways and corridors while coming across various clues and events.

Re-Create also noted that there will be bosses for each floor, hidden rooms, and also hinted at office stealth abilities and imagination skills to get you through the mazes and challenges.

Check out the just under two minute trailer:


The graphics seem promising, taking advantage of the retina display and processor power in the current iOS devices. Although there isn’t much revealed about the story, the trailer pulls you in just based on the mystery and desire for discovery that it produces.

It is not yet known how the controls will work, whether it will take advantage of the gyroscope and accelerometer or use on-screen joysticks.

There is no set date for release as of yet since they are at the mercy of the app store approval system, though The Corporate Race is expected to appear in the app store later this Summer.

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