Control's Weapons And Abilities, Ranked

In Control the main character, Jesse, has a few weapons and abilities to aide in her quest to rescue her brother from the Hiss menace. When she enters the Federal Bureau of Control, she is chosen by a sentient gun, the Service Weapon, to become the new director of said bureau. This not only grants her the ability to wield the gun, but she also gets cool psychic powers.

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The Service Weapon can be retooled in order to transform it into new forms like one that acts like a shotgun. There are five altogether. For her psychic powers, Jesse can learn six although technically there are seven if we count Hotline. That basically serves like a Codec message from Metal Gear Solid and is barely a power so we aren’t going to count it on the list. Now then, ranked from worst to best, let’s see what works well in Jesse’s arsenal.

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11 Melee

At any time players can press triangle to render a melee attack, which is more like a telekinetic blast from Jesse’s hand. It does well in a pinch, but isn’t that strong to finish a foe in one blow. That goes for even the weakest Hiss out there. It can be upgraded, but doing that would waste resources where other strengths could be better fortified in regard to her other powers. The best thing to do with Melee is by blasting desks and bathroom stalls into kingdom come. It’s quite fun.

10 Pierce

The Pierce version of the Service Weapon is basically like a sniper rifle. It has very limited ammo, but is very strong and can pierce through armor. It can be useful when trying to pick off enemies from a distance, but here is the problem. The game constantly throws a lot at players so staying still while trying to aim something like this is a fool’s errand. It is best to be on the move in other words.

9 Seize

Seize is a supernatural power that allows Jesse to take control of her enemies. It basically adds an ally to the team. This can be useful, but getting it is tricky and not really worth it in the end unless one wants to be a completionist. The trouble with this power is that enemy attacks are kind of weak and too sporadic.

8 Shield

The Shield ability is the next best thing to not being able to properly take cover. That is to say, this is not a cover shooter.

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The Shield can take a brunt of damage, but it also leaves players vulnerable. Speed and evasion are more useful tools than staying put and practically painting a target on Jesse.

7 Evade

For that reason, we think Evade is a better defensive skill than Shield. It is one of the first powers Jesse can get compared to the Shield, which is more of a late-game addition. The one downside to this maneuver is that it drains psychic energy, meaning it may save Jesse’s life, but it also weakens her attack power. Use this only in a pinch when melee can’t help.

6 Grip

Grip is the very first version of the Service Weapon. It basically looks like a revolver. It has a decent range and attack power and will get Jesse by the first few scrapes. In terms of the rest of her arsenal though, it isn’t as good as the other gun evolutions, but it is obviously better than Pierce since it is higher.

5 Shatter

Shatter is the next form that can be added to the Service Weapon chronologically. It serves as a shotgun and has quite the impact. It can even be modded to make sure the spread and amount of projectiles fired is greater and more concentrated. The downside to this is, of course, the range. That is to say, it works a lot better in close range encounters. Even more so than a melee blast from the hand.

4 Charge

Charge is a bit more complicated of a gun to describe in just one word. Charging it will power up a bullet, up to three at first. Firing them will then create an explosion upon impact and mods can make said explosion bigger.

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The best way to describe it would be to say a Magnum and a Grenade Launcher had a baby. It is very, very useful in the right situation.

3 Levitate

Levitate is the best traversal attribute at Jesse’s disposal. Not only does it open up so many possibilities for exploration, but it also acts as a dodging tactic in battle. The best part about it that really makes Evade and Shield look like playthings is the fact that flying does not take up psychic energy. The same should be true for those other two abilities as well, but at least one in three isn’t bad. Peter Pan, eat your heart out.

2 Spin

Even though Spin just looks like another pistol, it actually transforms the Service Weapon into a machine gun. It is the most useful form of it simply because of the speed. Yes, the further away one is the less accurate it becomes. That said the opposite is also true making up close and personal encounters sting. For the energy output, it is the most effective gun in Jesse’s arsenal for most combat situations.

1 Launch

Levitate can indeed be great for literally reaching new heights, or as an evasion tactic, but the best psychic power in the game is Launch. Like the name might suggest it allows Jesse to literally throw anything she wants across the room. It can be further upgraded to deflect missiles, or grenades back at enemies, or to even shoot enemies at one another. On top of that the targeting system is super precise. That is the case most of the time at least. It is what makes the game a gas to play.

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