Control Map Issues and More to Be Fixed in Future Update

control map will get fix

The new sci-fi action shooter Control has gotten great reviews, but players have had to deal with some strange performance issues since its launch. Players have especially had trouble with the map, which developer Remedy addresses directly in a blog post.

Control's performance issues have gotten numerous reports over the week since the game came out. The game has issues on consoles with things loading slowly and performance taking a dive in regards to frame rates. The game's map has also loads poorly at times and doesn't give users all of the information they need to get around. Remedy, in a blog post on Control's website, promises to fix these issues with future updates.

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First up, Remedy addresses issues on PC with the RTX graphics card. They say a Windows update should fix it. They also address the game's motion blur. Some fans prefer that games not have the feature, which digitally emulates the motion blur effects that would happen through a real camera lens. Remedy says it will add an ON/OFF toggle for that and the film grain effects in the next update which will come in September. Control takes heavy influences from film, which explains the presence of these features, but it makes sense that players would want the choice.

control map will get fix

Remedy also discusses the map issues, but it doesn't go too in depth.  The company acknowledges the map loading problem and says its developers are exploring a fix. Remedy also makes mention of Control's poor optimization on PS4 and Xbox One. The company explains that while it understand the frustration of these issues, optimization takes time. The Control team has begun to investigate the performance reports and will let players know in community channels when they can expect a fix.

Finally, Remedy addresses Control's lack of HDR support. It sounds like fans who hope to see it added in the future will have to settle for what they have. Remedy says it simply doesn't have the resources to implement HDR and would rather focus its development efforts on providing free content for players to experience. It specifically references a Photo mode.

Despite the lack of HDR, the team teases a bright future for Control. At the end of the post, Remedy says it has a ton of future content plans to keep players invested in the game. It sounds like the team at Remedy wants its new game to have long legs and to give early adopters of a reason to come back after Control's relatively short campaign. Even with an unsure timeline for fixes, fans should feel encouraged by the team's direct response to their concerns.

Control is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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