Control Launch Trailer Reveals Boss Fights, Over the Top Action

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The new launch trailer for Remedy Entertainment's upcoming third-person shooter title, Control, has dropped for its August 27 release. It is a sci-fi reality-bending shooter from the very developer of Max Payne, Alan Wake, and the best-selling Quantum Break, with the trailer promising action and lots of it, specifically "chaos of biblical proportions."

Control puts players in the shoes of Jesse Faden whose brother Dylan was kidnapped by a government agency called the Federal Bureau of Control. As it turns out, the purpose of the FBC is to investigate paranormal occurrences. Jesse goes after her brother only to arrive at the FBC's paranormal shape-shifting headquarters, The Oldest House, home of an evil paranormal entity called the Hiss.

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The first half of the cinematic trailer focuses on setting up the narrative just described. Set to the thumping drum of "Madness" by electro-pop singer Ruelle, the trailer also feels more like something for a movie or prestige TV show. This, of course, makes sense given Remedy's proclivity to emulating the structure of TV and their unabashed love of cheesy FMV. What set Quantum Break apart was its ambitions to be both a video game and a TV show, including 2 combined hours of TV footage in between gameplay chapters to tell the story, with something similar happening in this Control trailer as well.

The second half of the trailer shows off the zero gravity, time-bending action of the game. Jesse fluidly transitions between jumping around the environment to using one of Control's telekinetic powers. It looks just great to play, with it hopefully living up to expectations ta launch.

Earlier this year, Remedy confirmed Control would take around 10 to 15 hours to complete but can be beaten much quicker than that. This length is pretty standard for Remedy's style of game, which are often littered with collectibles and smaller side-narrative options that can also add multiple hours to the playtime. Skipping these, Remedy's games can typically be blasted through in a handful of hours by even the most casual player.

Control is out on PC, PS4, and Xbox One on August 27.

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