Control: How to Beat the Anchor

control game the anchor how to beat

In Remedy Entertainment’s newest action-detective adventure, Control, there are a wide array of puzzles, bosses, and action set-pieces that will challenge players and test their mastery of Control's unlockable abilities and weapons. One of these bosses is the Anchor.

Players will encounter the Anchor in Control when completing a quest to “Investigate the Saferoom” in the Sealed Threshold Hall section of the Containment Sector. While investigating the saferoom in question, players will encounter a large chasm with an ominous light visible on the other side.

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In order to traverse the chasm, players must levitate, or jump into the air and do multiple mid-air dashes in quick succession. There is a handy yellow box in the left-hand corner near the chasm that, when jumped off of, makes this acrobatic feat relatively easy. Right after traversing the chasm, players will encounter the Anchor.

The Anchor resembles a whirling mass of shifting shapes, and pours clocks out of itself. This strange image should not be entirely unfamiliar to players at this point in the supernatural setting of the game. The Anchor appears similar to the dangerous shifting masses that first appear early on Control, during the Astral Plane Challenge to acquire the Hotline.

The clocks pouring out of the Anchor will also be familiar by now. In the areas leading up to this fight, players will have climbed over hill-sized piles of clocks, to the vocal annoyance of the player character, Jesse Faden.

The Layout:

The Anchor will stay stationary in the center of the boss arena, surrounded by four platforms that the player can use to navigate above a bottomless pit. Levitating or dashing between these platforms will be critical to this boss fight. The pit below is an instant-death hazard, and the upcoming fight will require a great deal of moving around to land successful attacks.

control the anchor boss guide

The Fight:

The Anchor will spin around slowly, occasionally opening up on one side to reveal a large red orb. On each platform is a convenient object that can be launched into the red orb to deal a large chunk of damage to the Anchor. Players will need to be cautious though— the Anchor will occasionally fire a deadly blast if not interrupted by a launched object or shots from the player’s Service Weapon. Smaller enemies will also enter the arena and fly toward the player, creating another layer of complication. However, they are relatively easy to avoid if the player continues to move between the platforms and launches a few clocks or shoots at them.

The Reward:

After the boss is damaged enough, it the large shifting mass will melt away to reveal a large ship’s anchor. This anchor will float towards the player and stop on the platform where the player stands. Interacting with this anchor will net the player some materials and personal mods as a reward, as well as the Case File “Anchor Procedures.”

This encounter is just one of many such mysteries within the “Oldest House” where Control is set. Players who explore will be rewarded with more well designed and enjoyable puzzles and challenges much like this one.

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