10 Pro Tips For Control You Should Know

Control is a ludicrously fun supernatural action-adventure game that has some soft horror thrown in. Players are tasked with stepping into the shoes of Jesse Faden as she explores the secret government agency known as the Federal Bureau of Control.

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There are a lot of fun and exciting gameplay elements thrown into this game that make it unique in many senses. Becoming comfortable with handling new powers and the unique Service Weapon is half the battle as reality itself can change at any moment. For players diving into this bizarre game, here are some tips to keep you alive and dangerous.

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10 Stay Mobile

It may be tempting to hide from the Hiss by ducking behind cover and waiting for an opportunity to strike, but this will get you killed nine times out of ten. You need to be moving or else the enemy will quickly overwhelm you through sheer numbers.

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That isn’t to say you should never duck behind cover as that will also get you killed. But if you’ve been in one spot for more than a few seconds then chances are you need to get moving or things will get dicey soon.

9 Be Aggressive

Part of staying mobile is also keeping the pressure on your enemy and taking chances her and there. The only way to heal in this game is through small blue shards that drop when an enemy dies, so playing it safe when your health is low will do you more harm than good.

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You also run the risk of getting outnumbered or flanked, so make sure to keep your enemy on their heels and prevent them from getting any advantage over you. It takes an adjustment, but playing this way is also loads of fun.

8 Save Upgrade Points

Early in the game you’re weak, you don’t do a whole lot of damage, you don’t have many powers to work with, and your gun is limited to a single form. It may be tempting to spend upgrade points on all of the low level upgrades, but it’s a bad idea long term.

Your best bet is to reserve your points for a while until you become familiar with what you’ll need. If you find yourself constantly dying from low health, dump points into that tree, if you want Launch to be a little stronger go that route, just make sure you’re putting it where it’ll help you the most.

7 Read

This game has a lot of collectibles for players to discover and completionists will be at it for quite a while. But even casual gamers have a strong incentive to hunt down any collectible they can and start scouring case files and documents for information.

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The Oldest House is full of secrets and many of those secrets are only found in documents. Without spoiling anything let’s just say that you’ll be grateful for having chased down every collectible and read every scrap of information you could get your hands on.

6 Hunt For Objects Of Power

Objects of Power are how Jesse obtains new abilities and powers in the game. In fact her Service Weapon is one of those Objects of Power. Because of this your primary goal in this game, other than winning of course, is to track down every single one of these Objects of Power you find out about.

Not all are readily accessible, and some will be an absolute nightmare to find, but it’s is always worth the effort. Finding even one of these SCPs, sorry Objects of Power, can mean the difference between breezing through a boss or banging your head against the wall in frustration.

5 Launch Is Your Best Friend

Speaking of powers, arguably the most powerful ability in your arsenal is Launch. It’s a telekinetic power that allows you to pick up, hold, and throw various objects. Primarily it’s an offensive skill allowing you to bash opponents with desk and chairs, but it can be sometimes used defensively to deflect projectiles.

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Some fans have managed to go through the game using only the Launch ability. While this isn’t recommended, it would be a bad idea to ignore this ability as it can soften up enemies at the beginning of battles, conserve ammo, or at the very least is a fun way to play.

4 Craft New Forms, Not Mods

Throughout the game you’ll stumble across resources that you can use to craft. It may be tempting to give yourself some helpful mods, but in the long run this is a complete waste of resources. Early on you won't be able to craft the stronger mods and whatever you do make will likely be replaced by something better that you'll find.

Towards the end of the game you’ll be deconstructing mods because you’re finding so many of them. So save your resources to upgrade your Service Weapon and get access to new forms.

3 Don’t Be Afraid To Swap Mods

Speaking of mods don’t be afraid to experiment with which ones you have installed throughout the game. Players have a bad habit of installing a mod and then building their playstyle around that ability and never replacing it unless they find a stronger version.

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If you find your health pool lacking get a mod that deepens it, if you find yourself struggling to regain health switch it out for one that causes enemies to drop more blue shards. These mods are removable for a reason, so don’t hesitate to switch them out now and then.

2 Do The Side Missions

Side missions are a great way to gain more upgrade points, unlock new areas in the facility, or gather more collectibles. Some of the Objects of Power are found when pursuing these side missions so it’s almost always in your best interest to complete them.

Having said that you need to keep in mind that they wont always be matched to your abilities. Sometimes side missions will open up that you can’t possibly hope to complete given your current state. So while it’s advised to tackle them as you find them, know that you wont always be ready for them.

1 Stay Alert

Perhaps the most critical piece of advice going into this game is to stay alert and expect the unexpected. A major component of this game’s story is the bending and breaking of reality and this is definitely reflected in gameplay. Enemies can sometimes fly, walls will move, and floors can disappear.

If you aren’t paying attention you may wind up plummeting through a hole in the floor or getting crushed by a flying table. It’s also easy to get lost in this facility so frequently check the map. Maintain your situational awareness and you should be fine.

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