Control Compared to Stanley Kubrick Films, Will Have Horror Elements

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Remedy Entertainment has always been closely tied to Microsoft thanks to exclusivity deals for games like Alan Wake and Quantum Break. Considering this, it was a big surprise at E3 2018 when Remedy announced the action-adventure game Control with a cinematic trailer during Sony's press conference. Control has kept a low profile since its surprise reveal, but now thanks to a new interview with game director Mikael Kasurinnen, we know a lot more about the upcoming game.

Kasurinnen participated in a rapid-fire interview with Game Informer, where he quickly answered a series of 94 questions about the game and Remedy in general. During the interview, Kasurinnen compared Control to Stanley Kubrick films thanks to its heavy use of symbolism. He also said that Control will have horror elements and players will see some horrific things in the game, but that it can't be classified as a horror game thanks to main character Jesse Faden's powerful psychic abilities that allow her to effectively deal with any threats.

Kasurinnen also revealed that Control will be a strictly single-player experience, with no multiplayer functionality. The game will allow players to upgrade their weapons, find collectibles, watch TVs like in most other Remedy games, and solve a variety of puzzles.

Post-launch support for Control was also touched on in the interview with Kasurinnen. He confirmed that while Control will have DLC, the game will not have any microtransactions. It's unclear if the DLC will expand on the story or not, but Kasurinnen indicated that there will be some unanswered questions by the time players wrap up the main plot.

Anyone that watches the interview will also get glimpses at some gameplay for Control that shows off the over-the-top action and destructible environments. The destructible environments should go a long way in making firefights more exciting and visually interesting.

While this interview definitely shed more light on Control, there is still a lot we don't know about the game. It looks like a game firmly rooted in Remedy's style, though, and so fans of Max Payne and Quantum Break should be pleased when it releases later this year.

Control will launch later this year for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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