Control DLC Road Map Details New Modes and Story Expansions

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Control, from Alan Wake and Quantum Break creator Remedy Entertainment, is out now and already making an impression. The mind-bending third-persona action shooter tasks players with investigating a secretive federal building, where supernatural events are ongoing. And that's just the start of it. Today Remedy revealed its plans for further Control content. A 4-part content roadmap shows that Control will continue well into 2020.

The content roadmap details four individual post-launch additions to Control. The first two additions are free updates and the second two are premium expansions. Unfortunately, these two premium expansions won't be released until 2020, which means no new story content this year. On the bright side, the two free quality-of-life updates are both planned for release in 2019.

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The free content will come in two updates. Update one, planned for release in Fall 2019, is a Photo Mode. As the name implies, this mode will allow players to take snapshots mid-game. Given how visually stunning Control is, this mode can't come soon enough. Free DLC number two is named Expeditions. It adds a new end-game mode tasking protagonist Jesse with taking on "some of the greatest challenges the Oldest House can throw at you."

Premium "Expansion 1" is named  The Foundation. The Foundation is focused on exploring the history of the Oldest House. Specifically, Jesse will have to investigate what lies beneath the Bureau's building. "Expect things to get weird." The second expansion is especially interesting. Named AWE for Altered World Events, Jesse will explore a new section of the Oldest House named the Investigations Sector. However, fans are already noting that AWE could stand for "Alan Wake Expansion."

The message from Remedy Entertainment should be clear. The story told in Control is just the beginning. There are more stories to be told in this universe, whether players are ready for them or not. Even the Oldest House hasn't been fully explored completely yet. And beyond the Oldest House lies a world full of Altered World Events. Events that may even broach into the universes of Remedy's past popular games, like Alan Wake.

Remedy also had a follow-up message put out  alongside today's DLC announcement thanking fans:

"Finally, we would like to thank everyone from press to fans and the entire community for your support and feedback. The amazing response to Control means the world for us. Keep it coming!"

Expect more information on future Control content, starting with the upcoming Photo Mode, in the weeks and months to come.

Control is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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