Control File Size Revealed for Xbox One

control file size revealed for xbox one

Control was a surprise announcement at E3 2018, and now the game is just a couple of weeks away from release. With Control so close its launch date, some additional details about the game have started to become available, including its file size - for the Xbox One version at least.

Thanks to the Control listing on the Microsoft Store, we know that the game will be 34.77GB on Xbox One, and it will likely be a similar size on PC and PS4. This is a decent size to be sure, but it's significantly smaller than Remedy's Microsoft-exclusive game Quantum Break. However, the Quantum Break file size was nearly 200GB with the TV episodes included, so it's no surprise that Control isn't nearly as big as that game.

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Even though the Control file size is significantly smaller than Quantum Break, it doesn't mean it is a shorter game. On the contrary, the time it takes to beat Control is between 10 and 15 hours, according to Remedy Entertainment. The time it takes to beat Quantum Break, is typically around 10 hours, according to play time aggregate site How Long to Beat. So players should be able to get a comparable amount of playtime between the two games, but won't have to sacrifice nearly as much hard drive space to play Control.

control how long will it take to beat

Of course, playtime for a game doesn't matter much if the game itself isn't fun to play, but so far it looks like Control will be a pretty good game. Many of the pre-release previews have been positive, and it looks like it will be an interesting blend of over-the-top action and horror.

For those who haven't been paying close attention to the game, yes, Control has some horror elements to it. In fact, the developers were inspired by Stanley Kubrick, who directed The Shining, often listed as one of the absolute best horror movies ever made. It remains to be seen just how prevalent the horror elements will be in Control, but combine the game's influences with Remedy's proven horror track record with its work on Alan Wake, and it seems like horror fans should definitely be excited.

Control launches on August 27 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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Source: Microsoft Store

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