10 Easter Eggs Only True Fans Caught In Control

When developers Remedy created Max Payne and Alan Wake, no one expected that - beyond a few allusions - the universes would actually be connected. It should be no surprise then that best selling author Stephen King was a huge influence on Alan Wake, even going as far as quoting the man himself in the game.

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However, the Stephen King influences don’t end with the Alan Wake series but are present in Max Payne, Quantum Break, and now Control. It’s confirmed that the universes of these games are connected making it very easy to draw comparisons to King’s Dark Tower series and other connected multiverses in his works like Pet Sematary, IT, The Colorado Kid, and Carrie.

In Stephen King’s work, there are several references and Easter Eggs connecting many of his stories, worlds, and characters, and eagle-eyed fans have noticed that Remedy has done the same with Control, creating its own connected multiverse.

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10 Director Trench Is Voiced By Max Payne

Max Payne is developer Remedy’s first major hit and featured James McCaffrey as voice and voice of its titular character. McCaffrey returned to play the character in Max Payne 2 and Max Payne 3. In addition, the actor voiced the characters Thomas Zane in Alan Wake as well as one of the characters in the Wake’s book series Alex Casey.

In Control, McCaffrey has returned once again to voice another character for Remedy. The time he appears as Director Trench, a man with more than a few parallels with the Max Payne character.

9 665 The Neighbor Of The Beast

In the third chapter of Max Payne called "The Deep Six," Max needs to gain further access into a lab via a door that requires a three-digit code. The code is 665 with the remark “the neighbor of the beast,” as 666 is considered to be the number of Satan.

In Control the player will discover several FMV’s featuring a character named Dr. Casper Darling, the Bureau’s Head of Research. In one of these videos, Darling makes a reference to the “neighbor of the beast” line.

8 Hideo Kojima Makes A Cameo

One of the more surprising appearances in Control comes in the form of Metal Gear Solid and upcoming Death Stranding creator, Hideo Kojima. Control and Alan Wake creator Sam Lake is a self-confessed admirer of Kojima’s creativity and invited him to record some voice work for Control.

Kojima appears as a voiced character called Dr. Yoshimi Tokui in the side mission “Dr. Yoshimi Tokui’s Guided Imagery Experience.” It is triggered at the Extrasensory Lab in the Parapsychology area.

7 Control Is Set In The Alan Wake Universe

Before Control was released, it was revealed that Remedy had bought the publishing rights of Alan Wake from Microsoft. The cult hit was originally an Xbox 360 and PC exclusive when it was released in 2010.

This would pave the way for a remaster and a potential sequel on multiple platforms in the future. It is good news then, that Alan Wake and the main town, Bright Falls, are referenced in Official FBC documents found in the Archives area, further providing hope for some kind of direct sequel.

6 The Town Of Ordinary Is An American Nightmare

Alan Wake never did get a full-blown sequel but its story was expanded upon in Alan Wake’s American Nightmare. In American Nightmare, there’s a secret message that reads “it will happen again in a town called Ordinary.”

Ordinary happens to be the home town of Control's protagonist, Jesse Faden, and where she first experienced an Altered World Event. Furthermore, Alan Wake’s fictional blog, “This House of Dreams”, told the story of a woman named Samantha that started experiencing her own strange phenomena.

5 The Return Of The Old Gods

Fans of Alan Wake may remember the fictional band called The Old Gods of Asgard, who were performed by the real-life band Poets of the Fall. In the game, the band is fronted by the Anderson Brothers and join forces with Alan Wake.

In Control, the lead character Jesse is handed a cassette player featuring the song “Take Control” by Ahti, the janitor working at the Federal Bureau of Control. The song was performed by The Old Gods of Asgard. Additionally, the band serves as a link between Alan Wake and Max Payne, as the Poets of the Fall’s song “Late Goodbye” also features in Max Payne 2.

4 Alan Wake’s Voice Actor Returns

In another callback to Alan Wake, the voice actor for the titular character, Matthew Porretta, returns as the voice for Dr. Casper Darling in Control. Porretta also appears as Dr. Darling in secret video FMVs that can be found throughout the game.

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Furthermore, Porretta reprises the Alan Wake role in 2016’s Xbox One exclusive Quantum Break. In addition to making video game appearances, Porretta has appeared in The Blacklist, Beverly Hills, 90210, and Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

3 Socks & Ballerinas

It’s clear that Remedy Entertainment loves music from its home country of Finland. This is evident in their use of Poets of the Fall, who is a Finnish rock band that has been around since 2003.

The musical references don’t end there though; in Control, there is an Easter Egg referencing Finnish band Socks and Ballerinas, whose posters are seen in The Oldest House. They are referenced again in a sound lab found at Central Research studying the para-natural effects of music. Furthermore, Reddit user Jedi-Outcast discovered a message written on the chalkboard in code leading players to Socks and Ballerina’s Bandcamp page.

2 Is Mr. Door Referring To Mr. Hatch?

The connections to Remedy Entertainment’s expanded video game universe seems to suggest that that Quantum Break is also connected to Alan Wake and Control. There is a scene in Control where Jesse converses with her brother Dylan about a mysterious figure that he refers to as Mr. Door.

The conversation confirms the connected universes between Remedy’s biggest games and that Mr. Door is capable of shifting between multiple universes. In Quantum Break, Hatch is referred to as a “shifter,” a malevolent entity capable of controlling multiple versions of himself in the game's universe. It is very possible that Mr. Hatch and Mr. Door are one and the same.

1 Jesse Met With Beth Wilder From Quantum Break

Control's lead character Jesse Faden is performed by actress Courtney Hope. Hope also appeared in Quantum Break as Beth Wilder and just like Control, she provided both the voice and motion capture for the character.

In a potential reference spotted by Reddit user neas17, Control’s Jesse appears in a photograph found at the Containment Sector conversing with a character that bears more than a passing resemblance to Beth from Quantum Break. Given that Courtney Hope played both characters and Remedy’s obsession with multiple universes, this is unlikely to be a coincidence.

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