Control Has a Surprise Video Game Cameo

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Control from Remedy Entertainment is less than two days old, and players are already discovering Easter eggs. One exciting example is a cameo appearance from Hideo Kojima, creator of the Metal Gear franchise and director of the forthcoming Death Stranding. Kojima made time to do some voice work for Control, filling a role that seems perfect for him. The short Control scene has been recorded and doesn't require any context to enjoy.

The Easter egg comes in the form of a "Guided Imagery Experience." If that sounds odd, that's because it is, and Remedy has done Hideo Kojima proud. Control protagonist Jesse Faden discovers an audio recording next to an isolation tank of sorts. Once she gets into the tank, a voice recording from Dr. Yoshimi Tokui is played. Tokui is voiced by Kojima, and his English translator is voiced by Kojima Productions communications manager Aki Saito.

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"The Forest of Positive Interactions" is a relaxation program, it seems. Faden awakens in a dark, empty area. Dr. Tokui tells a story, and as he tells it, objects appear within the dark area. First, there are trees. Then there's a scene with forklifts. It's all incredibly bizarre and hilarious but also fittingly unsettling, which is very appropriate for Control in general.

The Guided Imagery Experience ends with Dr. Tokui saying, "Your mind is a safe haven for love. Doesn't that feel nice? Aren't you feeling healthier?" As Faden gets out of the isolation chamber, she says, "That actually was relaxing. And strangely insightful."

Whether the Easter egg is simply a love letter to Hideo Kojima and his work or a deeper message tied to the narrative of Control is a matter of interpretation. Either way, Kojima fits the role perfectly, and his voice acting is impressive, too. It's definitely worth experiencing whether someone is interested in Control or not.

Funnily enough, this isn't the first time Kojima's voicework in Control has been revealed publically. In March, Kojima's personal assistant Ayako Terashima tweeted photos of Kojima in a voice recording studio. "He managed to do some voice recording for the other Sam (not for DS)," was the message she attached, leading to plenty of speculation regarding who Sam was. Sam is the name of the protagonist of Death Stranding, and it also happens to be the name of Control creative director and Remedy founder Sam Lake.

Control is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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