Control: Here Are All the Alan Wake References

Remedy Entertainment's Control was announced unexpectedly during Sony's E3 2018 press conference, promising a game with the company's usual high-octane action mixed with bizarre imagery and horror elements. And while Control is interesting enough on its own, some fans that have yet to play the game may be interested to know that it actually has connections to other Remedy games, establishing a shared universe between them. But out of all Remedy's past games, Control has the most connections to Alan Wake.

Throughout Control, players will stumble upon a number of references to Alan WakeMax Payne, and even Quantum Break. The Max Payne and Quantum Break nods come in the form of passing references to them in dialogue, but there is a bit more to chew on when it comes to the Alan Wake references. In fact, there are multiple documents that players can collect in Control that reveal more about Alan Wake and expand on the events of that game.

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For those who don't feel like hunting down all of the Alan Wake references in Control for themselves, here's all we could find in Remedy's latest game. Please note that this article will have MAJOR SPOILERS for both Alan Wake and Control, including the endings for both games.

Bright Falls Was An Altered World Event

Alan Wake took place in the town of Bright Falls, which was plagued by paranormal events. The Federal Bureau of Control (FBC) investigated the event at Bright Falls, and determined that it did in fact constitute an "altered world event." If players visit Floor 5, Unit 6 of the Panopticon, they can even find a page written by Alan Wake. The writing the page suggests that Wake has been trying to write himself out of the predicament he found himself in at the end of the game. It's here where players will also see a short vision of Wake himself.

Other documents found in Control confirm that the FBC had contact with Wake's wife Alice, and that the typewriter Wake uses is an Object of Power. For those who haven't played Control, an Object of Power is a seemingly ordinary object that has been imbued with special powers by supernatural forces. In Control, this includes everything from a refrigerator that will go on a murderous rampage if someone is not constantly staring at it, to a shapeshifting gun called the Service Weapon.

There were other objects manipulated by supernatural forces in Alan Wake besides just his typewriter. As some may recall, players can collect a ton of coffee thermoses in Alan Wake, and as it turns out, those thermoses were Altered Items. Their supernatural power was to keep liquids warm for surprisingly long periods of time and to always deliver strong coffee.

Night Springs

control the anchor boss guide

Remedy likes to fill its game worlds with television sets that show live-action footage. It did this in Control, and it also did this in Alan Wake, where players could catch clips from a Twilight Zone-inspired show called Night Springs. Apparently the FBC has actually been using the Night Springs TV program to introduce the general population to supernatural phenomenon.

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The Old Gods of Asgard

Those who played through Alan Wake may remember a rock band called The Old Gods of Asgard. Whereas The Old Gods of Asgard also exist in Control, with Jesse listening to one of their songs at one key point late in the game.

Alan Wake - The Director?

In the same document where players learn about the coffee thermos Altered Items, they also learn that Alan Wake was at one point considered to be a "prime candidate" for the Director role at the FBC. FBC Directors are chosen mainly based on their connection to supernatural forces, which is why Jesse Faden was named the Director at the end of Control. Since Remedy now owns the rights to Alan Wake, maybe this means we'll eventually get a crossover where Wake comes into contact with Jesse and the FBC.

Remedy certainly seems to be teasing a shared universe between all its franchises, so we wouldn't rule it out. At the time of this writing, though, Remedy's next major game project has yet to be revealed. Whether or not it's the long-awaited Alan Wake sequel is impossible to say, but fans can dream.

Control is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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