Ubisoft Predicts Nintendo Will Be First to Release a Next-Gen Console

Console Wars- Ubisoft Predicts Nintendo Will Be First To Release Next-Gen Console

Ubisoft Montreal, developer of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game, has predicted that Nintendo will be the first company to release a next-generation console. This is not anything new, industry analyst Michael Pachter has a running joke on the Bonus Round that a Wii HD is always just around the corner. Regardless, Ubisoft game designer Jonathan Lavigne weighed in on the issue in a recent interview.

He stated that if consumers are willing to embrace new technology, then we will surely be getting a new batch of consoles. However, he did explain further that we are more likely to see that in the form of peripherals like Kinect on the Xbox 360 and Move on the PlayStation 3 rather than a whole new console for each system. Since those peripherals can be used to extend the life-cycles of their respective consoles, that would leave Nintendo in a very different position.

“We’ll probably see Nintendo have the first real new console because they’ve lasted a long time on refurbished Gamecubes with the Wii.”

Whoah, was that a dig on the Wii? I agree that Nintendo is very likely to be the first of the big three to release a whole new console for the next generation. That being said, don’t expect a Wii HD or Wii 2 anytime soon. Between their place on top of the console wars, combined with the 3DS coming out soon, Nintendo is happy with what they have. The Totally Rad Show’s Alex Albrecht stated on a recent episode of the Bonus Round:

“I really think this last E3 was the last time that they had the opportunity to come out with the Wii HD... why would we want to split that out with a new console?”

Nintendo already rocked the console wars this generation, and I believe the 3DS is going to do for handhelds what the Wii did for full consoles. Their 3D technology could change everything, unless of course, if Sony really does come out with their PSP phone (and if it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg).

It is strange at this point how the console wars have shifted. Microsoft and Sony are beginning to focus on casual gaming with their upcoming motion control systems, and Nintendo is now returning to hardcore gamers with such upcoming titles as the Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword and Donkey Kong Country Returns. Although Nintendo is likely to release a next-gen console first, because of their position, just don’t hold your breath.

So, Ranters, when do you think Nintendo will drop a next-gen console, and what do you think it will be called?


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