10 Weirdest Unlockable Characters In Console Gaming, Ranked

A feature that is sadly becoming rare in today’s video games is the unlockable character; which is being replaced with DLC that gamers have to pay extra for. Some of these unlockable characters not only gave us a chuckle or two, but also pushed us to explore every facet of a game in an attempt to unlock all the secret content.

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Over the years, many game developers have included some very bizarre unlockable characters. These characters are “weird” because they are put in a setting nobody would have ever imagined them being a part of. While some are “weird” because the characters themselves are, well, just weird. We've found and ranked the very weirdest.

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10 Donkey Kong – Punch Out Wii

The Punch Out series has always had some pretty odd opponents for the player to defeat. There are characters that teleport around the ring, characters that cheat in creative ways, and even characters that use their hair to as a weapon. Punch Out for the Wii might have the weirdest though – Donkey Kong.

If players beat Donkey Kong, he will be available to play in exhibition matches. If you can beat him, that is as Donkey Kong is understandably difficult. Even one punch from him can potentially cause a knockdown.

9 Servbot – Marvel Vs. Capcom 2

Servbot first made its appearance as one of the servant robots to the pirate Tron Bonne in the Mega Man Legends games. These cute little robots resemble the characters from the Lego movies with their claw-like hands and cylindrical heads. Marvel Vs. Capcom 2 had a large roster full of weird characters, but Servbot is by far the weirdest.

Playing as Servbot in this game can be a little challenging, as it doesn’t do much damage with its attacks. However, it is so small that many attacks pass harmlessly over its head. Servbot adds a touch of playfulness and whimsy to an otherwise serious fighting game.

8 Yoda – Soul Calibur IV

The Soul Calibur games have earned a reputation for having cool unlockable characters. Link from the Legend of Zelda franchise made an appearance in Soul Calibur II, and after that the developers made sure to include unlockable characters in future titles.

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Soul Calibur IV has two characters from the Star Wars franchise for players to unlock: Darth Vader and Yoda. Darth Vader ‘s inclusion was weird, but at least he fought in a manner similar to the other characters. Yoda, on the other hand, was a weird sight to see, especially when pitted against franchise staples like Sophitia or Yoshimitsu.

7 Bill And Hillary Clinton – NBA Jam Tournament Edition

NBA Jam was considered a great multiplayer 2-on-2 basketball game featuring fast-paced arcade action. The Tournament Edition expanded the rosters for each team, and included several easter eggs for players to discover. Some of the unlockable characters include George Clinton (from P-Funk), and Houston Oilers quarterback Warren Moon.

The weirdest of these unlockables is the ability to play as former President Bill Clinton and First Lady Hillary Clinton. Watching Bill Clinton posterize Hakeem Olajuwon is one of the funniest moments a gamer can experience.

6 Kumachan – Fighting Vipers

Fighting Vipers is a 3D fighting game for the Sega Saturn. The game has unconventional combatants compared to other fighting games; such as a construction worker and a guitarist in a big hair metal band. It is essentially a spiritual successor to Sega’s famous Virtua Fighter games - featuring similar gameplay mechanics.

It's weirdest fighter has to be Kumachan, who was a large, cartoonish bear with an orange hat that moves as if it is a large blow-up doll. The character’s stiff movement looks incredibly out of place in a game that generally featured some pretty fluid character animations for the time. If both players pick Kumachan, player two uses the panda variant named, of course, Pandachan.

5 Spud Of War – God Of War: Chains Of Olympus

“Kratos in a potato = Spud of War”. This is the in-game description for this unlockable character. Not only is Kratos wearing a huge potato instead of his normal clothing, but his weapons are also changed into large potato peelers.

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This costume definitely takes away the ultra-serious mood of the game and should have been included in every God of War title. The costume is not merely for cosmetic effect either. Wearing the spud suit gives Kratos unlimited magic and greatly increases his damage resistance. This game also features two other weird unlockable characters; McKratos, who resembles a Scottish Highlander (kilt included), and Mime of War, which depicts Kratos dressed as a mime.

4 Hornet – Fighters Megamix

Fighting games have always had some pretty weird playable characters. Hornet from Fighters Megamix, for the Sega Saturn, might be the weirdest character out of any fighting game. This is because Hornet is a car, a stock car from Sega’s Daytona USA to be more precise. That’s right; you can play as a human sized car that stands upright.

Hornet punches with its two front tires, and its body can be knocked off during a fight – revealing the car's frame and engine. Instead of the standard character voice the engine expresses itself by revving its engine and screeching its tires. This is hilarious to watch, and makes one wish game developers put this much levity into modern fighting games.

3 Meat Man – Skate 3

The Skate series was meant to be an alternate choice for gamers that had become tired of the Tony Hawk series of skateboarding games – which had been getting worse with every successive title. The game gave players an open world in which to perform some sick burlies.

Like the Tony Hawk games, The Skate franchise rewarded players with unlockable characters to play. The most memorable, by far, of these is Meat Man. Meat Man is a raw steak – that rides on a skateboard and performs tricks. To unlock Meat Man the player must complete all the challenges in the Hall of Meat.

2 A Toilet – Saints Row: The Third

The Saints Row games are extremely competent titles that clearly get their inspiration from the Grand Theft Auto games. The big difference is that the Saints Row games don’t take themselves as seriously as the GTA games and have always walked the line between serious and zany.

Nothing exemplifies this more than one of the unlockable characters in Saints Row: The Third – playing as a toilet. Playing as a toilet does not limit the player either; that means you can car-jack people and have shootouts as a floating toilet. This is definitely a unique concept in gaming everyone should experience.

1 Tofu – Resident Evil 2 Remake

For gamers wishing they could play a Resident Evil game, but somehow make the game less suspenseful and nerve-wracking than intended, the developers added the ability to play as a giant piece of tofu. You read that right…you can play as a knife-wielding piece of tofu wearing a beret in Resident Evil 2.

This is actually a survival mini-game that players can unlock by completing the game six times and achieving all “A” rankings in the process. It’s not an easy feat, but is well worth it for the ability to kill zombies as a chunk of bean curd with a hilariously high-pitched voice.

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