If you live anywhere but Spain, chances are you don’t love Natal as much as they do.  According to a post on Games Thirst, Several of Spain’s premier gaming websites recently took the latest build of Microsoft’s motion-capture technology for a spin, and the results are extremely positive.  Insert your Babelfish now.

Gaming blog Meristation was smitten with the input system and the feedback, saying:

”Looking with a little of attention at this demonstration we see it like as almost every one of the promises that were on the table have been achieved. First is the response of the camera and the speed with which captures the movements. Although still lacking a few small tweaks surprising degree of fidelity of our motions and the speed with which these are reflected on the screen.”

Engadget Spain held a similar opinion, specifying the degree to which a player can moderate his/her input while playing games:

“The receiver sensitivity is amazing, being virtually instantaneous response time in single-player game, where you could identify perfectly the force with which to hit the ball, its direction and distance just waving his arms. That little lag almost imperceptible in the single game is somewhat increased when there are two players on screen, but even so, the reaction of the console is also impressive.”

A somewhat neutral opinion was offered by ScoreZero, who apparently treat game reviews like employee performance reviews:

“Yesterday i was surprised with the people at Microsoft, despite the typical test demo gallery shattering glass boxes and balls, I saw the camera meets and exceeds all expectations.”

And finally, a somewhat comically inappropriate reaction from BeeGamer, which just became my favorite game site name of all time:

“I could not resist to do some breakdance moves seen as reacting to the avatar, and the sequence and movement coordination was perfect.”

So, there you have it, Ranters.  It appears Microsoft have improved the way they are demoing this technology to the press.  Gone are the uninteresting ball-smacking games on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon; as is Dad, grinning while holding his imaginary torque wrench.

Are you guys excited for Natal’s prospects?  Maybe, Like BeeGamer, you could not resist to do some breakdance moves?

Source: Games Thirst