'Conduit 2' Receives Exclusive Limited Edition Treatment

'Conduit 2' Gets Gamestop Exclusive Limited Edition Treatment

Conduit 2 may still be a few months away, but Sega has wasted no time in starting up the hype train. The publisher has just announced that the upcoming Wii first person shooter will be available in a limited edition flavor to satiate game collector's needs. Despite not being priced higher than the regular edition of Conduit 2, there's a catch. The Conduit 2 Limited Edition will be available exclusively through retailing giant Gamestop.

So what's in the limited edition? High Voltage Software and Sega are packing in a 44 page book entitled 'The Art of the Game', the Eye of Ra, and Gold Destroyer Armor. The Eye of Ra allows gamers to unlock the world of Conduit 2 similar to the All Seeing Eye, but does so twice as fast, and the Gold Destroyer armor can be used in the game's online multiplayer component. Below is a picture Sega has released showing off what you can expect to find in the limited edition of Conduit 2.

Conduit 2 Limited Edition Features

Originally slated to be released this year, High Voltage is taking advantage of Conduit 2's delay by adding even more control options for gamers. The team is promising gamers will travel to the far ends of the earth and battle enemies in more grand, elaborate scenarios. If that wasn't enough, High Voltage are upping the multiplayer ante by including a perk system, similar to what we see in games like Call of Duty: Black Ops. Conduit 2 will employ that system by using suit upgrades, which change gamers' classes to meet their play-styles. Classes can be changed during multiplayer matches, either while spectating or the pause menu.

Are you going to pick up the limited edition of Conduit 2? How do you feel about retailer-specific content for games? What did you like about the first, and what do you want to see High Voltage change for the sequel? You know what to do, Ranters. Sound off in the comments section below.

Conduit 2 frags its way to the streets on February 15, 2011 exclusively on the Nintendo Wii.

Source: Destructoid

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