Delayed: 'Conduit 2' Coming in 2011 with Additional Control Options

'Conduit 2' Gets Gamestop Exclusive Limited Edition Treatment

Do you remember when the Conduit 2 was coming out on, or around, November 2, 2010? Do you remember when people did not expect the Conduit 2 box art and images to remind them of Halo? Well, I can safely say both of those are now things of the past.

The Conduit 2 has been delayed until 2011.

First, after word spread that the original Conduit was, in fact, getting a sequel, juicy details began to emerge about what the Wii-exclusive FPS would bring to the table. Sure, the original might have underwhelmed some, but things were looking up for part 2. Then we learned the (in my opinion) somewhat cheesy-style box art and logo from the original was getting an update and overhaul...all of sudden things looked more bad-ass, and a lot more Halo-esque.

I mean, just look at that header image; it looks tough; it looks Halo. So things were still looking up for the sequel, even if it did not look original per se, it still looked good. I was starting to get excited about what the High Voltage guys could bring to the table with the sequel, building on the solid technical foundation of the original.

But now we learn that, while things might still be looking up, they are also looking further out -- at least regarding when the game will hit store shelves.

In an email exchange between Sega and High Voltage PR, it was revealed Conduit 2 was being pushed back to the first quarter of 2011, moved off its original November 2 scheduled date. Bye-bye Holiday shopping window. But also bye-bye direct competition with the Activision published, reimagined Goldeneye, which is also set for a November 2 release.

While the character on the new Conduit 2 box might look meaner, tougher, and more bad-ass, taking down Bond, James Bond, does kind of seem like a tall order. Sure, the Conduit is not a new IP anymore, but really when Mom, Dad, Santa, or whomever is looking for Wii gamer gifts, I would argue Bond and Goldeneye carry quite a bit more weight than the Conduit. And since the original Conduit did not exactly set the world on fire with its sales figures, I don't really blame Sega for bumping the game - to give it a fair chance.

Sure, I might be a little disappointed, as I was kind of excited about the Conduit 2 and am not all that jazzed for the new Goldeneye, but I understand the reasoning behind the delay. I really do. Who knows, perhaps the development team at High Voltage will be able to take the added time to really polish things up.

But along with the bad news of the delay came, what I can only see as some good news, even more control options.

PDP Afterglow Wii Controller

The original Conduit offered a terrific amount of customization available in the controls. In fact, if anything, there were almost too many options, as you could spend hours tweaking each little thing and changing buttons without ever really playing the game.

The Conduit 2 does not appear light on control options either. In addition to the standard Wii-mote and Nunchuk, additional control methods have been confirmed for the sequel, including the Classic Controller, Classic Controller Pro, and ways to take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus accessory, if you have it.

Sounds good to me. Heck, this way you can play the Conduit 2 with your Goldeneye golden classic controller you picked up on November 2. Nice!

Conduit 2 is now expected to release on the Wii in the first quarter of 2011.

Source: Nintendojo

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