Concept Art from Failed 'Star Wars: Battlefront' Project Discovered

Star Wars Battlefront Concept Art - Hoth Skirmish Alternate Loading Screen

Though Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City failed to give RE fans the type of multiplayer experience they were looking for buried deep inside the game's code might have been something for Star Wars fans to get excited about. What was found inside the code for Operation Raccoon City were some images for developer Slant Six Games' failed Star Wars: Battlefront sequel.

It's a handful of images, most of which are placeholders for different modes taking place on the Hoth map, but before anyone gets too excited it's best to realize this could either be an elaborate April Fools joke. By our measure, there hasn't been much movement made with Star Wars: Battlefront 3, despite fans clamoring for a sequel.

Delivering a lot of Star Wars MMO trappings without the MMO-ness, Battlefront was a series that brought multiplayer and Star Wars fans together. It's unfortunate that the titles didn't get as much recognition as they did, because they were actually quite good.

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For all intents and purposes any Star Wars fan that's looking to get their fill can either head the way of The Old Republic, and chart the stars as a wide variety of characters, or they can go more casual, and check out the forthcoming Kinect Star Wars, which has everything from lightsaber battles to dancing.

Last we had heard about Star Wars: Battlefront was back in February, when some job postings seemed to suggest the game was further along than LucasArts was willing to admit, but since then it's been nothing. Slant Six Games, we know, is no longer on the project, as it is believed that Spark Unlimited has assumed a developmental role.

So, most likely this was Slant Six showing the fans what the game might have looked like and nothing more, but at least it's something.

Do you think that we will ever see Star Wars: Battlefront 3? If no developer is working on it currently who do you think should step up?

Source: BetaGames (via NeoGAF)


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