Conan O’Brien Tries Virtual Reality

Conan O'Brien Tries Virtual Reality

Comedian Conan O'Brien tries out a virtual reality headset at the New York YouTube Space, eventually dabbling himself in virtual cooking oil and making lewd remarks.

Just one week after comedian Conan O'Brien tore Final Fantasy 15 apart, everyone's favorite clueless gamer returned to try his hand at virtual reality gaming. While it wasn't part of the actual Clueless Gamer program, Conan still got a fine taste of virtual reality gaming experiences like Job Simulator and Tilt Brush at the New York YouTube Space, where he kept YouTuber Tom Small busy keeping things in order.

To kick things off, Conan tried painting in a 3D environment with Tilt Brush, which somehow regressed into the comedian attempting to fondle the moon. After presumably being kicked out of that virtual galaxy, he then went through a few different jobs in Job Simulator, where he slathered himself in oil and spilled virtual coffee cream everywhere. All in all, it was certainly just another day at the office for Conan.

Fans can take a look at the video below to see Conan's VR adventure:


As Conan got more involved in the virtual reality process, the comedian quipped that the burgeoning VR industry would put the marijuana industry out of business, before later stating that the entire industry was destined for porn. While such experiences are already out on the marketplace, Conan thankfully stuck to some more well-known (and TV friendly) VR titles. There's plenty of high potential VR games releasing these days, and being visually trapped in a 3D environment makes each VR headset the perfect host for upcoming horror games too.

As much as VR is making progress towards being a mainstream experience, Oculus CTO John Carmack has warned that VR games risk "coasting on novelty" due to the numerous demo-esque games that release on each VR platform. The main thing keeping the masses away from the Rift is probably its hefty price point, and the bar for entry there is made even higher by the fact that gamers need a high-end rig just to be capable of supporting the Oculus hardware. This is where items like the PlayStation VR have a serious advantage, since many console gamers already have a capable PS4 to use as a stepping stone to the VR world.

In any event, it seems like Conan O'Brien had a good time trying out a few VR experiences at the YouTube Space in New York. All things considered, the comedian handled himself very well for someone who was unfamiliar with how VR games work.

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