Conan O'Brien Plays Psychological VR Game Wilson's Heart

conan obrien wilsons heart

By now gamers are likely well acquainted with the Clueless Gamer series starring late night talkshow host Conan O'Brien. The show takes one gaming illiterate Conan and introduces him to a number of different video games, with commentary from the comedian (and occasionally a guest star) making for a rather entertaining segment. Now O'Brien is tackling the world of virtual reality through a title known as Wilson's Heart.

As co-host Aaron Bleyaert explains to Conan, Wilson's Heart is an homage to classic horror films. The antics that ensue seem to validate these claims for anyone unfamiliar with the Oculus Rift exclusive title, with O'Brien taking on a kraken-like monster that emerges from a bathtub – in black and white no less. Of course, the task of combating the beast goes horribly awry in one of the funniest ways possible.

Those hoping to see the skit featuring Conan O'Brien and Wilson's Heart can do so below.

Conan has tackled a number of different titles in the past, with some fans likely believing he would have attempted to trek through Mario Kart 8 Deluxe given its recent release on Switch. Loyal viewers would be quick to point out that Conan already went hands-on with Mario Kart 8 on Wii U in an earlier episode though, so perhaps Nintendo believed it best to allow that video to naturally resurface rather than retread existing ground.

Wilson's Heart is currently available exclusively on Oculus Rift with Oculus Touch support.

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