When Conan O’Brien plays video games, people tend to notice. The comedian’s late night show is a desirable showcase for many developers looking to appeal to a broader audience for their games, as O’Brien’s Clueless Gamer segment has garnered a large following that tends to be open-minded about what video games they’re watching. While Conan was fairly dismissive of Final Fantasy 15 on Clueless Gamer, for instance, RPG fans were never going to be influenced by his opinion while those watching the show might have taken a closer look after the broadcast thanks to the title’s impressive graphics.

Enter Cuphead, the newest game to get a Clueless Gamer episode centered around it and one of the most visually appealing titles in recent memory. The game’s handmade early 1900s cartoon graphics immediately set it apart from all other competitors, and Conan’s showcase of the game included guest star Kate Upton, one of the most popular models in the entire world. It’s not a bad deal for an indie game looking to broaden its demographic, and although the segment largely focuses on Conan’s inept attempts at seducing Kate, the gameplay that is shown of Cuphead looks fantastic.

Thankfully, Kate Upton is a quick study when it comes to new games, as her play of Cuphead actually advances the segment and shows off a few interesting bosses and character designs. The Xbox One and PC exclusive would’ve remained a complete mystery on Clueless Gamer had Conan been left to his own devices – he regularly dies over the course of the video while failing to jump or dodge a single attack, leaving Kate to carry the team through the trickier battles.

It’s a pretty big accomplishment for an indie game to be a crucial component of Clueless Gamer, however, and Cuphead will be looking to capitalize on this exposure when it finally releases later this year – that is, of course, provided Cuphead can avoid another brutal delay, something that has plagued the indie title throughout development to this point and lessened some of its momentum approaching its launch.

Cuphead releases on September 29, 2017 for Xbox One and PC.

Source: Team Coco