New Conan Exiles Trailer Features Dye and Ruin Systems

Conan Exiles Update 22 Trailer

The latest Conan Exiles patch, Update #22, is now available and adds new features, weapons, and other content. The update, which went live on Thursday, features at least two long-awaited systems: the Dye System and what Funcom's calling the Ruin system. In addition to those major additions, Update #22 also adds 8 new weapons, more knowledge points, reworked feat requirements, and the new Hyena fur armor set as well.

Conan Exiles Dye System is really the star of Update #22. The system will require players to harvest any number of new resources, which can turn into dyes. After that, players can apply the dyes they've created to the various dye channels set up in different armor. Some armor pieces have more channels than others, so players will have to experiment to see what looks the best on their characters.

The Ruin System, also called the Decay System, now allows older buildings that go unused to fade away over time. This isn't a system that some people want implemented full time, so Funcom has disabled it by default on private servers. After all, if players are trying to fill a server's open world with unique creations then they don't want those structures turning to dust if they take a break for a week. The Ruin system will, however, be enabled by default on official servers.

It's not all good news in Conan Exiles with Update 22's release, however; here are wide reports from within the community that the update has resulted in broken "snap" placement for a variety of objects. Stairs, gate doors, wall lanterns, as well as various other objects including the Set religious structure, are either not snapping or aren't being placed correctly upon snap. These types of bugs can be a nightmare for those focusing on constructing their perfect base. Funcom typically gets to fixing these problems eventually, but it will likely have to wait until next patch or longer.

Funcom has also addressed several initial issues with Update #22 with a hotfix. The hotfix addressed an exploit having to do with corpse looting, as well as bugs related to Thrall sound effects. The hotfix also started work on an issue that led to performance issues when placing buildings within cliffs.

The issue has only partially been fixed, however, as it persists in "some scenarios." Funcom says it's still working on the problem, however.

Conan Exiles is currently available on PC. The game will be coming to the Xbox One's Game Preview program later this year, with full launches on both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 in 2018.

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