Developer Funcom debuts a cinematic trailer for its upcoming survival-sandbox game, Conan Exiles, and reveals the limited Barbarian Edition of the game.

Just days away from Conan Exiles releasing on PC via Steam Early Access, the game’s developer Funcom has released a cinematic trailer for the game. The trailer lacks actual gameplay, but introduces the world and story of the survival game. It continues to embrace the brutal nature of the Conan universe.

But while Conan gets the spotlight in the trailer, he will not be the character players will take control of in Conan Exiles. That leads to the inclusion of the other character in the cinematic trailer; a woman who Conan cuts down from a cross. The duo then proceed to fight through the desert winds and a pack of Warg-like monsters. The trailer ends with the woman looking over a valley and the shots cut to her going through advancing stages of armor paired with a structure in the valley also growing in complexity.

This mystery character speaks most to the “Survive. Build. Dominate.” theme of Conan Exiles. Like most survival games such as ARK: Survival Evolved and Rust, players will jump into the world of Conan Exiles as an Exile, a random character of their creation. In the familiar survival gameplay loop, players will have to survive an environment out to kill them, gather resources, build up their characters and bases, all while fighting and defending against other players in the world. In addition, the developer says the game world of Conan Exiles is “more than tracking down food and water” and that it is full of “ancient civilizations, dark history, and buried secrets” for players to discover.

According the GameSpot, the cinematic trailer was made by Bläck Studios, who have also done cinematic trailer work for Mass Effect: Andromeda, Mad Max, The Division, and Watch Dogs 2.

conan exiles barbarian edition

In addition to the trailer, Funcom announced the Barbarian Edition of Conan Exiles. It includes a bevy of items:

  • Custom Conan Exiles digital comic book
  • Exclusive Conan Exiles t-shirt
  • Six digital Conan the Avenger comic books from Dark Horse Comics
  • 368 page, full-color, digital Conan Pen & Paper RPG Core Book
  • “The Coming of Conan” eBook, 496 pages with illustrations and original Conan stories
  • The award-winning soundtracks from Age of Conan and Rise of the Godslayer, plus the brand new Conan Exiles soundtracks
  • In-game items for the Age of Conan MMO including a Savage Rhino mount
  • “The Art of Conan Exiles” digital artbook

Funcom says there’s even more included in the special edition of the game, which retails for $60. The standard edition of the game costs half that at $30.

Conan Exiles launches January 31 on Steam Early Access. It will launch as part of the Xbox One Game Preview Program in Spring 2017. The game will also make its way to PlayStation 4 at a later unannounced date.