Another addition to the open-world survival genre, Conan Exiles has now reach 40,000 concurrent players on Day 2.

It looks like the PC gaming community still can’t get enough of open-world survival games, because this week’s Early Access release of Conan Exiles is now firmly in the number one top selling spot on Steam Store across the majority of regions.

Gamers interested in the open-world game set in Conan the Barbarian’s world and lore can now take advantage of a limited time 20% off coupon code that works specifically on the just released Conan Exiles. This takes the game from the current Early Access price point of $29.99 to only $23.99 – a big discount incentive for those still deciding.

Conan Exiles Early Access Deal

Reviews as of writing are unsurprisingly mixed, with 63% in positive territory. Some impressive aspects of the game that reviews highlight include deep customization (particularly the character creation portion), a decent user interface, good mining, leveling, and crafting game play.

Being an Early Access title, bugs appear to be plenty and Funcom has acknowledged that its top priority is fixing problems as they are being identified. If you want to join in on shaping the game into a fun experience for all, participating in the forum or subreddit appears to be the best bet.

Funcom’s Day 2 update notes that the studio is currently working on getting network congestion issues resolved, as the title is now squarely on the “popular” title list.

While the discount above works on the Standard Edition of the game, currently there are no available deals on the pricier Barbarian Edition, revealed last week. The Collector’s Barbarian Edition is completely digital in terms of its bonuses (except for the Conan Exiles t-shirt, which ships later this March).

Conan Exiles is now available for Steam Early Access by Funcom. The Xbox One Game Preview Program version will arrive later this Spring, and eventually the PS4.

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